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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

Squires Xmas Lunch Dec 13th

Squires Xmas Lunch Dec 13th - Forums [Biker Match] Squires Xmas Lunch Dec 13th - Forums [Biker Match]
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Squires Xmas Lunch Dec 13th

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Sorry guys....I know it clashes with Southern Softies but hope this isn't too much of a problem . ( I wanted the following weekend but Squires already got a party for 50 so couldn't oblige)Same old at Squires 12/12:30 to eat at 1:00 pm. Up to you to buy what you fancy to eat....carvery highly recommended ! 1 course...£7.952 course...£113 course (Bill?? JP?? LOL)...£12.25Bring a cheap kiddy-friendly gift for our Santa sack (lucky dip!)...hopefully thrown at you by our own Santa !!This has been a lovely event over the years and a great opportunity for any newbies to meet the natives !! Children welcome...indoor ice-skating usually open for this event.
I will do a head count to finalise numbers nearer the day :>
Alice2 @ 22/09/2015 15:27  

I'll have to check with SG but I think we'd love to come (together with our 9 (going on 30) year old)!
Have you put it on the Events page yet?
Bebe D-Oie @ 22/09/2015 16:11  

Sorry cant make it this year as I will be down south with the softies that weekend
JP @ 22/09/2015 17:01  

I wont be attending either.
Lindsay @ 22/09/2015 17:57  

Gutted I can't make it this year as I'm working.

It's a great opportunity to get along and meet up with lots of lovely BMers and have some fun :)
Karey @ 22/09/2015 18:10  

Will be on events asap :>
Guaranteed plenty of food.....jP not coming LOL
Alice2 @ 22/09/2015 20:33  

ha ha
havfun @ 22/09/2015 22:27  

Spoken with SG and we are up for it, so as soon as its on Events we'll sign up.
Bebe D-Oie @ 22/09/2015 22:50  

Should be up and running, JC. Will be good to see you both :>
Alice2 @ 22/09/2015 23:19  

I am working that weekend!! But I will see if I can book the weekend off... Ya can't have too many Xmas dinners!! Lol
Abel2photo @ 22/09/2015 23:21  

I,ll come if i,m still in the UK, be more food to go round if jp is,t there
Bikeabill @ 22/09/2015 23:45  

I'm part of the booking the following weekend so it looks like I'll be having a Squires carvery on 2 consecative weekends.
Vladamir @ 23/09/2015 17:02  

Count me n MonkeyBoy in, Pot's won't make it tho coz he's in USA til 16th x
Littlefecker @ 23/09/2015 22:24  

will book that weekend off work and come over and say "Hi"
Quietman2 @ 25/09/2015 14:53  

Sounds like a plan, Quietman :>
Alice2 @ 25/09/2015 22:51  

Good to see some people are coming the first few posts were all from people who were not coming so get your name down and join Alice for what is always a fun afternoon
Bikeabill @ 26/09/2015 00:40  

Hopefully I'll be able to make it!!! Will have to check what if any is gluten free - Lol!!! Big Hugz Everyone!!!

FibroWarrior @ 27/09/2015 13:43  

Bring a pack-up if you need to, Jan!!! As long as you join us we'll make it work x

Alice2 @ 27/09/2015 22:41  

im in

havfun @ 28/09/2015 09:50  

Sorry will miss this one :(
Brummie Jackie @ 29/09/2015 09:30  

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