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Event Date

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Event Date

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Relatively new to BM which I have found very friendly.
One problem is that some events do not show the date in the title.
Obviously, there is the last post date shown, but it takes much longer to find events that have not yet completed.
Also, us southerners do not necessarily know where a venue well known to Midland and Notherners is!
Would be helpful to have main town or city in titles.
Looking out for more events within 100 miles of the M4 corridor in future. Might manage the Christmas dinner.

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vtwinmike @ 17/09/2015 10:14  

Fully agree with you on this subject it does happen all to often. Biggest problem is if you post a thread and make an error in the headline you can not amend it after posting.

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JP @ 17/09/2015 10:36  

Ideally all events will be in, well Events, where you'll be able to exactly when it is, and how far away from you it is.

There can be an accompanying thread in the Runs and Rideouts forum of course for chat about an event, and I totally agree it would help if the thread title made it clear which event it was about.

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Deleted Member @ 17/09/2015 17:28  

I'm hoping to make a "Comments" discussion soon on the events calendar under each event, so there's no need to use the forums for events then.

But I'm quite a way off, sorry. I hope to get it done in october/november

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Matt @ 21/09/2015 19:23  

Matt, I think folk will still want to use the forum to discuss things such as meeting up and other relevant stuff.
As for the titles of events, in the forum, it's up to those who create the event to add the date, area, to the title.

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Sandi @ 22/09/2015 10:32  

Could maybe allow a link from the event to the relevant forum thread? Could be a major headache to manage that though....

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Deleted Member @ 22/09/2015 10:58  

I always put dates in the heading on events i post, it annoys me when othere don,t put the date.
Not sure if i,m reading Matts post right but are you saying that we wont have an events page in the forums, i dont like that idea

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Bikeabill @ 23/09/2015 00:10  

When I put up a thread for a ride out, I do it without a date, but this is usually due to me putting forward a selection of dates for people to choose from.
Don't see the point of starting a whole new thread anymore as it has caused confusion in the past.
However, that said, once the date has been confirmed, I always update each new page with the relevant information and point to the events page.

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rowanblossom @ 23/09/2015 06:54  

R B, you could also ask a moderator to reword/ add to the title.

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Sandi @ 26/09/2015 09:15  

I know I could but tbh they've enough to do and I figure if the information is on each page as well as being on the events page, dates should be easy to find.

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rowanblossom @ 27/09/2015 19:02  

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