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KISS ride to Haws with bikeabill

KISS ride to Haws with bikeabill - Forums [Biker Match] KISS ride to Haws with bikeabill - Forums [Biker Match]
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KISS ride to Haws with bikeabill

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As most of you know i will be taking a group ride out to Hawes, it will be about 150 miles and i would like to know roughly how many might be coming with me
Bikeabill @ 25/08/2015 13:22  

Great start i can,t even spell Hawes right, lets hope i can read a map a bit better, can anyone put it right for me please
Bikeabill @ 26/08/2015 00:28  

Good plan!
Steve_H @ 27/08/2015 05:42  

Depending on who with me and the time we could go over the Buttertubs and up to Tan Hill as well
Bikeabill @ 27/08/2015 11:43  

Or south via ribblehead viaduct... Another cracking road.
In fact it's all good and part my own personal playground!
Steve_H @ 27/08/2015 19:12  

Can you guarantee you'll get back the same day you leave this time Bill?
bluesbiker @ 27/08/2015 21:36  

Yes we should be back befor midnight, yes Ribblehead ok and on to Devils bridge but getting backs a pain unless you use the A65 which is not the best of biker roads
Bikeabill @ 28/08/2015 10:12  

Couldn't agree more about the A65.... it's 'orrible
Steve_H @ 28/08/2015 16:00  

Looks like i might be doing this one by myself
Bikeabill @ 30/08/2015 03:00  

so who,s with me
Bikeabill @ 07/09/2015 06:25  

Depends on how I feel Saturday morning! How many miles you got in mind?
It might be worth publishing the route, miles, set off and expected return times to see who else is interested.
And of course the weather lol
Steve_H @ 07/09/2015 17:56  

I'll be looking to do something interesting Saturday.
bugsbunny @ 07/09/2015 21:11  

I'm in. Good roads around Hawes
SlowGoose @ 07/09/2015 21:56  

I would like to be of by 10.30ish have lunch at Hawes then if people want and we have time we can go on or come back by layburn will be 150miles or more would like to be back for 5 ish
Bikeabill @ 08/09/2015 12:41  

Brummie Jackie @ 09/09/2015 09:39  

Count me in with passenger. Fingers crossed for the weather!
tallactually @ 10/09/2015 10:57  

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