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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

ride to KISS 5 from the north east

ride to KISS 5 from the north east - Forums [Biker Match] ride to KISS 5 from the north east - Forums [Biker Match]
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ride to KISS 5 from the north east

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Hi any one want to meet up with me to ride to KISSE 5, i shall be leaving Squires at around 9 to ride there.
Bikeabill @ 23/08/2015 04:25  

Hull ... North East ? You going up to North East from Squires at 9am to come back down Bill?

Im probably being really thick but im sooo confused!
Lindsay @ 23/08/2015 08:26  

Me too ????????????????/
VFR800AJ @ 23/08/2015 10:02  

Do you need help to reel these 2 in Bill? Hook, line and sinker methinks.lmao
double six @ 23/08/2015 12:34  

Errr, i guess i am being really stoopid ... Doh!

D6, where you been man?
Lindsay @ 23/08/2015 12:56  

double six @ 23/08/2015 13:26  

I reckon if you leave Squires cafe at 9 you should be at Kiss camping field by 9:01. if you don't stop on the way for a break.
But knowing Bill he'll stop on thee way for something to eat
Vladamir @ 23/08/2015 18:56  

You should always factor a loo break
rowanblossom @ 23/08/2015 19:00  

think i might stop of at Squires for a cafe stop on the way, hope i have enough petrol for the trip
Bikeabill @ 24/08/2015 12:04  

There is a burger van hafway between squires cafe and the kiss field
Vladamir @ 24/08/2015 12:11  

Vlad are you Marshalling the ride lol
Brummie Jackie @ 24/08/2015 12:17  

Yes don't want anyone getting lost it's nearly 300 yards from Squires Cafe to Kiss field. I think I will need a few practice rides to learn the route.
Vladamir @ 24/08/2015 17:49  

300 yards....well that's me getting lost about half way!
rowanblossom @ 24/08/2015 19:00  

Did,t know it was that far, i think i had better use my satnav to find the way
Bikeabill @ 25/08/2015 02:12  

Hi All or as they say in Aberdeenshire
Fut Like ya ken, ken:-)
That's so funny
Seriously is anyone riding down from the North (I don't mean north of Watford gap!
Scotland that is :-)
If so heading down Wed or Thursday for tour of GB and taking in all the best cafes inns on the way, .......
Kplm adventure @ 26/08/2015 07:54  

kplm. if you take the a19 south .Take the Redcar turnoff we live 10mile down the road.your welcome to stay over with me and jo on thursday and we'll keep you company for the last 70mile.we have a bar that has English beer and jo cooks a wicked english fryup.we dont have to heat the water with coal for a shower anymore ,we've got a proper boiler lol and u dont have to share the spare room. Seriously tho mate you are welcome. ste &jo
chirpy1 @ 27/08/2015 19:25  

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