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Edit button for matchmaker

Edit button for matchmaker - Forums [Biker Match] Edit button for matchmaker - Forums [Biker Match]
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Edit button for matchmaker

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Matt, would it be easy to add an edit button to the matchmaker page please? At the mo if we want to change even one detail we have to delete it all and start again.

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Sandi @ 20/08/2015 10:36  

What? They make matches on here?? Strewth I'll have to see if I can get wood! ;-)

   Update Reply
Abel2photo @ 21/08/2015 20:41  


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Sandi @ 22/08/2015 01:05  

ha ha! They do make matches, well, did for me

Anyway, not had any matchmaker alerts set up since then (for obvious reasons!) so decided to go see what the matchmaker and search functionality is like...

1. Agree with Sandi, should be able to edit a matchmaker alert without having to start again from the beginning every time.

2. The Search page - if you tweak your search, browse through the results, then view a profile, when you go back using the browsers back button, all the search criteria you entered are lost That's got to be a right pain for anyone using search regularly

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Deleted Member @ 22/08/2015 08:54  

Yay! I found some wood ;-) ... Now to make a match :-D

   Update Reply
Abel2photo @ 22/08/2015 08:57  

Oh...a little tip to get round the losing your search...just open the the profile you want to look at in a new 'tab' then your results are still there on your original tab. :-)

Hasta luego

   Update Reply
Abel2photo @ 22/08/2015 09:00  

aye, but that's what called a work-around, not a fix

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 22/08/2015 13:04  

Actually I need to rebuild the matchmaker alerts due to the new search page. All in due time, bit snowed under at the moment.
Watch this space.

   Update Reply
Matt @ 30/08/2015 15:43  

Thanks Matt x

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 08/09/2015 10:52  

Definitely need to rebuild it mate - if you go to your matchmaker page and click on 'search now' for a saved search, it doesn't pass any of the search criteria to the search page

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 11/09/2015 19:23  

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