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Technical Motorbike Help

Hayabusa front brake bleed

Hayabusa front brake bleed - Forums [Biker Match] Hayabusa front brake bleed - Forums [Biker Match]
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Hayabusa front brake bleed

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Hi have just fitted brand new nisen calipers to my 2004 busy. Have bled the lines loads of times and still the lever is not as firm as I would like.any advice would be appreciated cheers busadave

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davebusa1300r @ 07/08/2015 13:52  

pull the lever back to the bar until it feels like you are giving it a good squeeze then put a cable tie etc around the lever and handle bar grip to hold the pressure on the lever and leave it like this over night, then cut the cable tie off and try the lever.
this sometimes forces the last bit of air out of the system.

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mikedabike @ 07/08/2015 15:10  

Hi mike that worked a treat mate.i cannot believe the change in my brakes after a good bleed and some decent would think that a bike which is capable of 200 mph should have brembos fitted the gen 2 bikes now have.anyway mike great tip

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davebusa1300r @ 08/08/2015 15:58  

I always use a vac bleeder.....takes minutes.

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rossoandy21 @ 13/10/2015 10:26  

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