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Garage for my Bike!

Garage for my Bike! - Forums [Biker Match] Garage for my Bike! - Forums [Biker Match]
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Garage for my Bike!

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Hmmm....they cost more than my bike! Strewth!!...but no I don't have any space for anything, shed, lean to....nope nada :-(
Abel2photo @ 06/10/2015 23:12  

Yeah they are pricey! Oh well...sounds like you best bet is an alarmed disc lock and cover. Nowhere for a ground anchor where you park it?
bravogtr @ 06/10/2015 23:16  

I used to park my bike outside my flat with ground anchor and chain with a cover on, but some scumbag tore out the battery, broke my seat to get it! now with my bike has to be kept at my Dads 'safe house' for protection in Cleethorpes!... Luckily I don't need the bike for transport, just fun....but still indicative of the society we live in that nothing is safe from thieving scum.
Abel2photo @ 08/10/2015 11:03  

park bike outside
single wire from the 240volt mains no return wire
bike will still be there in the morning
might be some extra dust on the floor but the wind will blow that away
job sorted
havfun @ 08/10/2015 15:15  

just rember to turn off before going out to it
havfun @ 08/10/2015 15:18  

Lol, yes that would be a solution! And they would get exactly what they deserved for trying to steal my bike! ;-)
Abel2photo @ 08/10/2015 22:33  

At last! Woohooo! I have a garage space for my bike!..I printed some leaflets and posted them through 100's of letter boxes this morning in my local area and bingo!...a lad whose just moved in around the corner has space next to his bike! He said I can park it there rent free! an end to an epic saga, meaning I can get out and about on my bike more this year!
Now...looking for panniers to fit a vfr800....
Abel2photo @ 04/01/2016 15:37  

Glad you've finally found some A2P but can I just make a suggestion. ...... though you may have thought of this already.

As well as having bike locks on the bike whilst it's garaged, take photos of the bike (and any other gear you intend storing there) when it's in this lads garage - both interior and exterior shots showing the bike and identifying (to the garage) features.

Plus, ask for your own set of keys to the garage.

Also, have a written (signed by both of you) statement/agreement that you began garaging your bike with his permission, rent free, on xyz date. Plus any other details you may think you need. To prevent any possible disputes re alleged owed monies later on.

This lad is probably ok, but you need evidence that your bike is in his garage, because if it disappears from there, how else can you prove that it was there?

Suspicious? Moi? Nope...just covering all bases! Good luck!

purplebetty @ 05/01/2016 09:20  

ooooh PB, ya all over it aint ya? :)
Good advice as always
Lindsay @ 05/01/2016 13:32  

Ha! Blame an overdose of Judge Judy when I was nursing a bad shoulder last year .....or was it the year before?? anyhoo, I digress!

Evidence, evidence, evidence!!!

You've worked damned hard for what you have and so need to protect it. It doesn't matter whether this lad is a close relative or total stranger, tangible evidence is needed, Just in case!

I'd note the lads details and even take his photo for I.D (he's only just moved in, so is he known in the area or not?) - if he's a good'un, he won't mind!

A 3rd party signed witness to this arrangement wouldn't go amiss either.

Also, as masses of leaflets have been posted through letterboxes, it reminds people that there are garages out there that want to be burgled....I know all about that!!!

How secure is this garage? Is it to your insurance company's requirements?

Make sure yours and his insurance company are aware - and in agreement with the arrangement . Get a photocopy of up to date garage insurance details.

A2P - I'm really glad you've found somewhere for the bike, and I hope it's a good working arrangement, as I don't want to rain on your parade as it were.

BUT.....Just be very, very's no fun being bikeless!

Happy riding!
purplebetty @ 05/01/2016 14:41  

Nuff said PB...sound advice that I will follow, gonna get a written agreement/consent, didn't think about photos, so will be doing that. I've got locks for bike and garage, ground anchor etc.
Third party involvement... Good idea, perhaps I should drive with someone to pick my bike up from Cleethorpes and they can follow (try! ;-D ) me to the garage...

I see some serious thinking to do!
Abel2photo @ 07/01/2016 22:47  

Oooh A2P, thinking ... Now thats really difficult, you need to rest fully before taking up such an extreme, difficult task!

Follow ya ...? Oh i so know someone, maybe two that may be on ya back tyre! ;)
Lindsay @ 09/01/2016 15:16  

Cheeky! ...I fink therefore I ...errrm...? OK...point taken! Lol
Abel2photo @ 09/01/2016 22:31  

 Posts: 33       Pages: 2/2

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