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Garage for my Bike!

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Garage for my Bike!

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I am currently soooo Frustrated because I don't have a garage for my bike so i have to keep it in my dads garage in Cleethorpes (to keep away thieving s**m), which is an hour and a bit away from me!!... So I was wondering if anyone in the local area (Ferrybridge, West Yorks) knows of anywhere I can safely store my bike so that I can get out and about on it more!?

really need to have bike close at hand to take advantage of any sunny days....

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Abel2photo @ 01/08/2015 21:41  

Have you asked Wakefield MDC if they have any rental garages available? Although i would say get a ground anchor n a hefty chain n lock too.

The only other alternative i can think of is what abput friends or neighbours do they have space? Im close enough about 20mins but no space im afraid.

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Lindsay @ 02/08/2015 17:47  

Yes I have already applied to the council for a local garage, but obviously this is taking too long! I have asked friends at work to no avail and my neighbours are shops!
I had my old VFR outside my flat last year and it got the battery stolen and damaged the seat and tank!.. at least my anchor and hefty oxford chain kept the bike from being taken though!

I just wanted to have my bike close this year but looks like the summer will be over before I get a Garage space!

I've looked on gumtree too but nothing close to me has popped up!

thanks for the thoughts tho...

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Abel2photo @ 02/08/2015 21:05  

What's the problem , do you live in an upstairs flat or is your front door too narrow?

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dustin666 @ 05/08/2015 00:17  

Upstairs Flat...and I'm not gonna ride up those narrow stairs! lol

ah well, off to Cleethorpes tomoz, pick the bike up and head off for a ride out somewhere

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Abel2photo @ 05/08/2015 15:47  

Have you thought about asking all your local shop keepers if they have any storage space to rent out? They might not, but might actually know someone who does.

Or what if you put notices in nearby shops/libraries etc asking if anyone local has spare garage space or storage space to rent out. You don't have to advertise what the space is needed for, and you may just be lucky.

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Deleted Member @ 06/08/2015 13:12  

Yes purplebetty I have put a card up in local shops/supermarket, the local shops have no space but would have trouble with access to my bike too.... all viable suggestions thankyou

i have found storage units advertised but not accepting motorcycles either! risk apparently!

I think i will try the local estate round the corner from me, seems full of pensioners, but lots with cars on drive so may not have space!.... the saga (get it?) continues....

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Abel2photo @ 06/08/2015 20:04  

Shame that. But yes, petrol = fire risk so can understand that.

Will mull this one over - am not far from you (15mins), but don't have a garage. However, there may be someone in the village with space. will ask around and get back to you.

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Deleted Member @ 06/08/2015 20:35  

you're a star purplebetty

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Abel2photo @ 06/08/2015 20:56  

Just thought -have you asked/put a notice up at Squires cafe?

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Deleted Member @ 06/08/2015 21:00  

ooh never thought of that! am gonna have a ride out tomorrow, so I guess I can pop in sometime during the day...

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Abel2photo @ 06/08/2015 22:01  

Am not sure if you can go into Squires until Sunday now, as the Rock n bike show starts tomorrow, and it'll be ticket holders only allowed past the gates I think. Give them a ring and see if you can!

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Deleted Member @ 06/08/2015 22:10  

OK after much thought about putting a notice in Squires I decided against it! As others agree it could be putting my bike in the hands of...well...thieves! I would much rather get to know and find someone recommended by friends! ??

But if there are any women out there who have space for my bike in their garage the please get in touch! ?? and that's not at all anything like a euphemism...

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Abel2photo @ 30/08/2015 20:41  

ROFL, you gotta get kudos for having the cheek to say that A2P!

Good luck with the search ;)

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Lindsay @ 30/08/2015 22:51  

sorry A2P - no room at the inn here I'm afraid, BUT!!!!!.............

What about storage units? There's some advertised at around £1 per day in Leeds - any good?

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Deleted Member @ 31/08/2015 21:26  

I have enquired about storage units around the area, but the same applies about having something flammable in storage! ??
There's also gated compounds with containers, but again fire risk and opening hours are prohibitive!...

I will probably have to bite the bullet and look at moving to a house with garage!

   Update Reply
Abel2photo @ 31/08/2015 23:03  

House and garage sounds a good idea. At least you can keep a better and closer eye on the bike.

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Deleted Member @ 31/08/2015 23:18  

Sounds like a plan, just dont go anywhere near The Warwick!!

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 31/08/2015 23:33  

OMG Linz! Nooooooo! I know better than to go anywhere near!.... ;-) ...but then again ya don't know an area til someone sez..."ya live where?...didn't ya know?" :-\

Ah well...sooooo back to putting my bike in someones garage :-D (no, no...hang definitely not a euphemism)

   Update Reply
Abel2photo @ 01/09/2015 00:05  

If you have a bit of space you could see about this
They aren't cheap, understatement, but they are thatcham approved and can be moved later to a new abode if you didn't have a garage there.
Security of you bike will depend on how much you are willing or can spend on it. Good old cost benefit analysis lol

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 06/10/2015 17:20  

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