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Marshals for KISS

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Marshals for KISS

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In order for forthcoming KISS rally to rum smoothly and safely, we require a small team of volunteer marshals. Firstly I'm looking for people who can get to squires early enough to meet, greet and point people in the right direction on the Friday . Secondly people to oversee the campsite during daylight hours on Friday and Saturday. Thirdly people to marshal inside squires and outside while the evening entertainment is going on. I don't expect anyone to give up their entire weekend and would hope to have enough volunteers so everyone gets a night off. If you're interested or require further information do not hesitate to message me. Head of Security

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YID @ 08/07/2015 19:52  

Those who have spoken to XK about this,I've got your names on the list, many thanks.
Still people required to oversee the campsite while the ride outs are taking place and still places for evening marshals for either evening.
Gentleman, the ladies are showing you up on this, get your fingers out!

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YID @ 09/07/2015 13:40  


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shelleygirl @ 10/07/2015 06:01  

Still a few more volunteers required!

   Update Reply
YID @ 16/07/2015 07:39  

I would normaly offer to help but I already have a few things I have to do so come on lads do you really want to be told by a woman what to do.

   Update Reply
JP @ 19/07/2015 07:38  

I take it you saw my post sorry Sharon

   Update Reply
JP @ 19/07/2015 07:42  

JP, I've got you earmarked to make sure nobody steals the bar, hope you're up to it! ;-)

   Update Reply
YID @ 19/07/2015 10:51  

I can give you a hand if your strapped,will be seven sheets to the wind Friday but Saturday o.k see you there.

   Update Reply
bobp @ 23/07/2015 22:06  

Cheers, will do.
Still looking for a few more to cover the evening activities, not looking to have you working both nights, just one or the other, no special talents required!

   Update Reply
YID @ 24/07/2015 10:26  

I'll be there early doors Friday. and available till Sat morning. Then I'm leading a rideout. I'll be on site sat evening as Squires Chief Marshal prepping the site for an event on Sunday.

   Update Reply
Vladamir @ 26/07/2015 10:44  

Put me down for a shift Saturday evening

   Update Reply
Emzed @ 26/07/2015 17:25  

hugs xx welcome back mz xxx

   Update Reply
kaycat @ 26/07/2015 19:36  

Thank you gents, few more volunteers required still!

   Update Reply
YID @ 27/07/2015 11:44  

Still room for a couple more volunteers, no experience needed!

   Update Reply
YID @ 10/08/2015 11:22  

Hi, put down Joey05 and Al65 for Saturday when the ride out is on ... If that's ok?

   Update Reply
Joey05 @ 10/08/2015 19:09  

Ta very much!

   Update Reply
YID @ 10/08/2015 20:08  

Not sure when I'll get there Friday's the plan so more than happy to help out with whatever's required :-) Scotland-Northumberland-KISS not a clue where it is :-) yet! Doon sooth Ya Ken :-))

   Update Reply
Kplm adventure @ 21/08/2015 02:28  

Cheers, will find something for you to help with.

   Update Reply
YID @ 22/08/2015 16:57  

If you still need some help on Friday night, I can help out as I will not be drinking Friday as planning on going on the ride out on Saturday

   Update Reply
FireStorm-X @ 01/09/2015 23:11  

Yes,much appreciated, many thanks.

   Update Reply
YID @ 02/09/2015 05:51  

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