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What Are You Reading?

What Are You Reading? - Forums [Biker Match] What Are You Reading? - Forums [Biker Match]
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What Are You Reading?

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Wonderful thread starter for bookwormies but oh jeez Cattykins now you're asking, got so many to choose from and read so fast , at the minute am alternating between 'What Dreams May Come' by Richard Matheson, 'For the Love of Evil' by Piers Anthony and 'People of The Lie' by M. Scott Peck, oh and 'Hynagogia' by Dr Andreas Mavromatis, all lying half opened (and perused many times) atm on my bed.
Would LOVE to hear what others read too xx

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Deleted Member @ 06/07/2015 00:37  

Cop Town - Karin Slaughter :)..its ace x

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Joey05 @ 06/07/2015 04:44  

Gale Warning - Dornford Yates
In Search Of England - H. V. Morton
I find that books are like women - best not to keep too many on the go at the same time.

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Eiron @ 06/07/2015 14:10  

Lee Childs - The Affair (Jack Reacher yarn)

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VFR800AJ @ 06/07/2015 15:51  

Excellent taste there Mr AJ!!! Read all of them!! They are ace
Have you tried The Bricklayer by Steve Vale
Or any Of the Joe Hunter books by Matt Hilton (local lad!!)

(Jack Reacher is my hero..:D)

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Joey05 @ 06/07/2015 17:56  

Clare Macintosh 'I let you go' . Just started so will let you know but good start though emotionally hard to read.

Finished the Robert Galbraith ' the cuckoo's calling ' and 'the silkworm '. Loved both.

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Jackyan @ 06/07/2015 20:13  

Haynes manual- triumph Bonneville,t100,speedmaster,america,thruxton & scrambler 01 to 12.

demon tweeks catalogue 2015.

may pick up a copy of playboy later.

hopefully I can give you a review of them tomorrow....

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mikedabike @ 07/07/2015 16:36  


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stutts @ 15/07/2015 18:15  

Ive havent picked up a book in ages but the last few i read were along the same lines (bike gangs)

No Angel ... Jay Dobyns
Dead Man Running ...Ross Coulthart & Duncan McNab
Under and Alone ... William Queen
Hell's Angels ... Hunter S Thompson

Might have to try the other Hunter S Thompson one.
Although i do have two Pratchett books waiting for me to feel the need, the need to read!

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Lindsay @ 15/07/2015 19:36  

If you want a road trip book WITH A DIFFERENCE...try AMERICAN GODS by NEIL GAIMAN.

Not my usual cup of tea, but its one HELL of a ride....

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Deleted Member @ 15/07/2015 20:58  

Jo Nesbo - the redeemer .
Fantastic books , few to go yet but highly recommended .

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Deleted Member @ 26/07/2015 13:34  

@Eiron that is VERY sound advice.

@GBNP that Jay Dobyns No Angel is a real page turner, phew!


Forget your Charlie Boormans and their support teams, this is one woman's road trip from Alaska to the tip of South America on a trail bike, alone and unsupported with just a few friends along the way.....what a woman!!!
She's got bigger balls than me, that's for sure!

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Deleted Member @ 26/07/2015 14:59  

@Argy - agree on Jo Nesbo . Hope you got loads of time as I found I was hooked .

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Jackyan @ 27/07/2015 11:09  

Lois is a hero of mine an inspirational woman and an inspirational book Croozer, great read.

Still reading my above books (It can take years reading and rereading many books that are loved, that is the ultimate pleasure of reading) and have now added more....

Anthony Peake.. Is There Life After Death, and his latest book The Immortal Mind (2nd time of reading both) ... eagerly awaiting his new book due out soon... Opening the Doors of Perception.


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Deleted Member @ 28/07/2015 00:59  

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