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headphones/ bluetooth ban /France

headphones/ bluetooth ban /France - Forums [Biker Match] headphones/ bluetooth ban /France - Forums [Biker Match]
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headphones/ bluetooth ban /France

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Just a heads up as I know there's a few French trips on the events, There's a new law for the cash strapped Frenchies to swindle some more Wonga, though I can't say I agree with having any distraction whilst riding my bike

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ExupRichR1 @ 01/07/2015 20:28  

What so I can't listen to my GPS while riding in France? That's crazy!

What about Goldwings with their speakers on, that ok?

What about intercoms which have sticky pad earphones inside the helmet (that don't go into the ear)?

This is just insane

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Matt @ 01/07/2015 20:31  

No Matt , it's French lol, hope you remember to switch the camera alert off on your GPS as well as that's been illegal for a few years and comes with a hefty fine

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ExupRichR1 @ 02/07/2015 00:29  

Best one is the breathalysers, it's law to carry one but no fine or penalty if your caught without-errrr

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ExupRichR1 @ 02/07/2015 00:44  

"Apparently, riders who use to wedge the phone in their helmets also fall under the ban, so be careful"...!!!

WTF? Who does that??????

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rowanblossom @ 02/07/2015 19:57  

Sounds another good reason to steer clear of France then :-)

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SPESH @ 03/07/2015 11:13  

Just read the article, it does state 'any headphone that is inserted into the ear', so speaker based Bluetooth helmet systems look like they are exempt. or am I interpreting the rules wrong :-)

   Update Reply
SPESH @ 03/07/2015 11:16  

I think you can use the helmet system as you say Spesh as long as it is fitted to the helmet and not ear plugs. Or the police will also be operating there motorcycles unlawfully

   Update Reply
JP @ 07/07/2015 15:03  

As JP says you can use bluetooth helmets. The law is aimed at those who drive around with I POD headphones in both ears and cant hear what's going on around them.

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Vladamir @ 13/08/2015 18:27  

Thanks for the info

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Stephen.triumph @ 07/09/2015 22:45  

I live in France, have done for the last 10 years (will be back in the UK soon) these laws are not being enforced yet! There's an old adage that's very true: Britain rules the waves, France waives the rules!
I don't know anyone that's been stopped or fined for using bluetooth or GPS. Hell where I am they dont even pull the kids over for riding with the helmet perched on top of the head, ot having the phone stuffed in the helmet!
As for the breathalyser, it's common knowledge that the guy that got the law passed just happened to have a family member who's factory produces them, and was in financial difficulties. No one has them in the car or on the bike, and anyway you'd need 2, because the moment you used 1 to check your limit, you'd be unable to drive, even if you were under the limit, because you didn't have an unused breathalyser.

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Babylonia @ 18/09/2015 00:59  

As Spesh said, yet another good reason to stay out of France.

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Deleted Member @ 30/09/2015 16:47  

I,v rode in europe quite a bit and not been stopped or checked for anything yet, I find the police ok there should think if you keep the speed down you will be ok, i just love riding in the Alps and simalar places

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Bikeabill @ 30/09/2015 23:20  

If you don't ride around in France it's your loss as it's an amazing place and the cops I have dealt with many times over the years been fantastic.

The rules apply to in ear headphones so not an issue for most, as for breathalyser kits the cops not interested in bikers with them. The only advice I give for France is have a few reflective stickers on your lid if your bothered about any laws...............That's it

Also worth a note that most laws apply to nationals not travellers so not an issue for the few who actually make effort to travel (that means further than local bike meet on sunny Sundays)

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madscots @ 18/11/2015 01:48  

been riding in france for years never had any problems ,,,breathalyser law has gone ,doesn't concern blutooth kits ,more stupid laws in this country than france,
and there bad roads are a thousand times better than our best roads.
most roadworks and roadside maintenance done at night,and I can travel ten times the distance in france that I can in this country at the same speed .
so if you want to stay away from france YOUR LOSS

   Update Reply
stutts @ 25/11/2015 16:27  

Integrated blue tooth speakers are exempt it's the wearing of earbud type speakers that is banned.
The breathalyser thing has been sort of been forgotten about well any penalty has......
you don't need a triangle.
you are supposed to have unremovable tamper proof day glow strips on your helmet they don't usually bother foreign bikers with that one. You can buy stick on ones but they are a nightmare to get off afterwards and can damage your helmet finish.
Headlights on modern bikes some are neutral so don't need that headlight sticker and if you do use one be careful as you can damage the headlight cover on some bikes due to the material the headlight is made from.
You do not need to wear a day glow vest while riding, only if you break down/ stopped on the high way

   Update Reply
johnnytb @ 06/01/2016 06:09  

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