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Nope , still getting 'Error inserting object in current location' , sounds painfull :-O, any help with my emoticons please :-(

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ExupRichR1 @ 01/07/2015 18:16  

Use of correct lubricant will help with that Rich! Can't help with the emoticons as I can't use them either (if I put a smile face I get ?? one I press post)

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rowanblossom @ 01/07/2015 18:39  

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ExupRichR1 @ 01/07/2015 19:09  

Sorry it's an IE11 problem. Use chrome.
Or wait for the new forums to be designed next month

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Matt @ 01/07/2015 20:32  


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ExupRichR1 @ 01/07/2015 20:37  

?? Nope with chrome.....will be patient

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rowanblossom @ 05/07/2015 21:18  

Try cutting and pasting.

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XKLYBR @ 06/07/2015 12:23  

Yeah tried that XK, but unfortunately the tablet don't want to play ball. Thanks for the suggestion though

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rowanblossom @ 06/07/2015 12:42  

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