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Accounts Clean-up

Accounts Clean-up - Forums [Biker Match] Accounts Clean-up - Forums [Biker Match]
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Accounts Clean-up

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Just to let you all know that I've run a script against the database which will

Search for duplicate accounts (where an email address has more than one account)Pick out the most recently used accountMerge the old accounts only leaving one remaining recent accountPhotos, events, forum posts, photo tags, etc will all be merged into the remaining account before the older accounts are deleted.If the latest account has no profile, the newest profile from one of the other accounts will be moved and the rest deleted
Believe it or not this affects 10,000 accounts!!!! Some people just create new accounts instead of resetting their password. Some even had 30 accounts for one email address!

From now on the registration page will block any account creation if the email address is already in use and forward the person to the password-reset page.

The idea is that we should only have one account per email address registered.

Later this week I'll be launching a new "Password Reset" page which will be quicker and simpler to use. But a pre-requisite is that each email address must only have one account associated (hence this update).

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Matt @ 24/06/2015 12:43  

I think this is a great idea ... there is nothing like a good 'cleaning sesh' is there?! As an aside to this topic Matt, is there any possibility of having a 'change profile name option'. I understand that you dont want everyone changing their 'name' continuously but if there was an option to do so when it is required that would be fab! I know its probably too much of an ask but ever hopeful that's me

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Lindsay @ 25/06/2015 13:48  

I can change usernames for folks on an as-needed basis. But to prevent confusion for others I only do this when it's absolutely necessary (not just because some has a birthday and wants to be renamed from LittleJohnny21 to LittleJohnny22)

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Matt @ 25/06/2015 13:54  

Hi Matt
The change user name will apply to me as I don't want to be JuliaC for much longer as me and Mr C have separated.
I will contact you via PM once I've decided what I'd like my new user name to be if that's OK.

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Bebe D-Oie @ 27/06/2015 11:14  

ok no problem

I'm also thinking of making a page while allows you to rename your account but only one time. One change max. Think that will keep most folks happy without taking too much of my time, would not be a big thing to add to the site

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Matt @ 28/06/2015 13:26  


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XKLYBR @ 30/06/2015 09:01  

XK you cheeky whatsit....

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Bebe D-Oie @ 30/06/2015 18:45  

It will be great if you could give this option Matt.

I'm sure that I will be wanting to change my profile name at some stage in the future.

I mean its a little daft when the bike is now Stuie's and I have 'got the pilot' anyway

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Lindsay @ 30/06/2015 23:18  

I have been dying to change my profile name since I joined so would LOVE the opportunity to do so.... everyone thinks I love Lulu the singer and I bloody well don't (grrrr lol).... it means something else entirely. I just want my own name or summat similar now.
Thanks Matt if this can be done x

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Deleted Member @ 02/07/2015 12:25  

When I see a post by you Dee , I have a Harry Enfield moment.
I point at the screen and say Lulu.

   Update Reply
Ragnar @ 05/07/2015 17:11  

Rag that's so funny cos I do the same thing!! "No Harry, naughty!"

   Update Reply
Matt @ 05/07/2015 20:11  

Hahahahahaha love it you guys!!! I LOVE Harry Enfield I had forgotten all about the toddlers!!! xx

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Deleted Member @ 05/07/2015 22:52  

Matt, when a member changes their user name it would be good if it was posted on the forum, especially if they use the chat room, to let regulars know they're not a newbie?

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 20/08/2015 10:10  

To change my name or not .............. that is the question lol

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Brummie Jackie @ 20/08/2015 10:14  

Hmmm I guess you could have a script that finds and replaces all the old user names with the new on posts in the forum. Not sure it would work on the profile page for everyone? Wouldn't that require a new profile page creation?

   Update Reply
Abel2photo @ 21/08/2015 20:52  

I'm about to ask you (Matt) to change my user name but will that mean I will lose all my PMs, etc?

   Update Reply
Bebe D-Oie @ 28/09/2015 18:18  

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