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Technical Motorbike Help

Battery issue - advice needed please

Battery issue - advice needed please  - Forums [Biker Match] Battery issue - advice needed please  - Forums [Biker Match]
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Battery issue - advice needed please

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Hi all - I had a completely flat battery today due to me leaving my heated grips on so went and bought a battery charger specifically for motorbikes up to 1200cc. It's been on a couple of hours, so thought I'd try it out to take it for a spin but it's not charged enough yet. How long should it take to fully charge? Thanks x

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TAB007 @ 30/05/2015 16:05  

Overnight should be enough. But try it after every couple of hours.
'Smart' chargers don't work on completely flat batteries so if the lights don't come on, you need either an old dumb charger to begin the charging process, or jump leads.

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Eiron @ 30/05/2015 17:36  

Thanks hun x

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TAB007 @ 30/05/2015 17:49  

If your smart charger isnt working on the flat battery get another 12volt battery and some jump leads from some where and connect to your flat battery in parralell. Then hook up the dead battery. T

This should give enough power for the charger to open up and start charging.

Then get your heated grips set up via a relay and an igntion live so they only work when the engine is running.

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Deleted Member @ 31/05/2015 11:50  

Thanks Stuie x

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TAB007 @ 31/05/2015 22:01  

If you need help you can always call, if I can I will help. Often down your way.

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Deleted Member @ 31/05/2015 22:57  

Agree with Stuie.
Accessories should NEVER be wired direct to the battery, always via a relay or other circuit controlled off the ignition switch.
Heated grips or clothing can take a high current, so when I fitted heated grips to my previous bike I took the supply off the alternator output so they were only powered once the engine was running, current drain then couldn't interfere with starting.

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Richard T @ 01/06/2015 12:42  

Thanks Richard, but the grips were on the bike when I bought it, and given the level of my technical understanding the likelihood of me changing anything is very low! Lol

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TAB007 @ 01/06/2015 18:46  

Don't worry TAB it's easy to put an ignition switched relay in the circuit.

Biggest problem is the grip manufacturers are all guilty of telling there customers to go direct to the battery.

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Deleted Member @ 01/06/2015 22:49  

Yep, too much reliance on the rider to use the 'off' switch!

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Richard T @ 04/06/2015 12:45  

Hope you got it sorted out Tab. On this direct to Battery stuff I went to look at a bike on Thurs after work a 2014 Yam xt1200z nice bike good price but then my son as they do started messing heated grips direct to battery extra lights direct to battery turn bars to full left lock, hits lock stop turn to fully to the right left hand garde hit Hi touring screen needless to say I walked away thinking how much other stuff has been done on the cheap or botched

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JP @ 06/06/2015 08:24  

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