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Welsh Ride Out

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Welsh Ride Out

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Yay will be lovely to see you.
rowanblossom @ 28/05/2015 12:48  

Hi all.
Regarding the august 23rd ride i take it the meeting point will be chester services on the M56 9.30am .
Deleted Member @ 28/05/2015 19:48  

Aye, usually and then for the Welsh Welsh, we also do a second meet point Ruthin way.

rowanblossom @ 28/05/2015 22:14  

Dohhh I'm on holiday
VFR800AJ @ 29/05/2015 08:15  

how's about cancelling it and coming along with us....I am fairly sure Mrs AJ won't mind even a little bit :-)
rowanblossom @ 29/05/2015 08:17  

errrmmmm I bet you could guess her response
VFR800AJ @ 29/05/2015 10:48  

Great i will look forward to 23rd aug
Deleted Member @ 29/05/2015 17:32  

Cool. I will submit to events and let you know when it's on events page for pieces and any pillion requests.
rowanblossom @ 29/05/2015 18:22  

Any chance of doing something different? Bala, aber we did last year... Just wondering ....
Lindsay @ 30/05/2015 21:23  

Ffestiniog is a nice runout. The Bont Bridge café there is run by the guy that Basil Fawlty modelled himself on, or he modelled himself on Basil Fawlty. He's effin hilarious.
And you can run down to Llanberis and climb Snowdon while your there. Good dayout. :-)
VFR800AJ @ 30/05/2015 21:32  

and could take the steamer down to Porthmadoc AJ.
Murdoch3352 @ 30/05/2015 21:40  

I did do that last weekend mate, another of me ླྀ' bucket things done. :-) but if ya that way, gotta visit Fawlty café. LOL
VFR800AJ @ 30/05/2015 21:42  

I'll bare that one in mind. Talkin of tv, have you done Portmeirion, the Prisoner setting ?
Murdoch3352 @ 30/05/2015 21:45  

The Ogwen Valley is stunning...
Croozer1969 @ 30/05/2015 22:10  

Some of the Welsh contingency have offered to get some routes together, soon as I know I will post. Should anyone want to put a route together then all suggestions welcome. (Please note I can get lost on a straight road so I won't be planning the route)

What will be needed is 9.30 am meet up at Chester services, with a second meet up about 10.00 am at Ruthin (tesco) or similar. A lunch stop and a couple of rest/petrol breaks need to be included.

The ride is open to all levels and all engine sizes, so please consider that we may have some learner riders. If you are on L plates please let me know.

Also need "marshalls" so anyone willing to help with that aspect please let me know.

The ride will be for everyone, so we ride with that in mind. For those speedsters out there, feel free to hoon off, but please sort out meet/wait points for the main group to catch up. I do not leave anyone on their own, we ride to the slowest bike so no one is pushed beyond their or their bike's safety/ability.

I mention this now so there can be no reason to bitch afterwards that the ride was too slow. Sorry to sound grumpy and blunt, but I have received complaints after previous rides regarding speed, routes, ride set up and, of course, the "well I would have done to differently" comment. Tell me prior to the ride if you have suggestions, please don't winge afterwards.

rowanblossom @ 31/05/2015 00:39  

Looks like the august ride is coming together RB.
Hope we be weather blessed few months till aug could do with a jolly before then B-)
Deleted Member @ 01/06/2015 09:47  

Will look to do something prior to that, but will have to work round rallies etc.
rowanblossom @ 01/06/2015 12:19  

Ok thanks RB i will watch thread
Deleted Member @ 01/06/2015 12:31  

not on events yet, but as soon as it appears I will let you know so piccies can be added
rowanblossom @ 06/06/2015 09:26  

Oh god, they're coming again , err I mean great lol
ExupRichR1 @ 07/06/2015 09:17  

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