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Lost for words Norman? Or is it the invisible ink again? ;)

I do believe that there will be a gathering at Squires again this evening. All welcome.
Lindsay @ 20/05/2015 06:37  

not meny peeps there tonight
band making a good noise plenty of hd riders with ear plugs in
havfun @ 20/05/2015 23:21  

the ink should have said bump back to top
havfun @ 20/05/2015 23:23  


'Twas a lovely evening, quiet at first but soon picked up. Only a small BM contingency but great to see everyone smiling n enjoying the sunshine.

Thanks @rileymtr for the lift up there n @Stuie. for the one home!

We left about 9.25pm, sorry we didnt see you Norman, next time maybe!
Lindsay @ 21/05/2015 06:43  

got to squires about 9 is this evening (23rd)
only 4 bikes in carpark
not meny peeps inside considering camp fields seamed full
with vw thing on
havfun @ 23/05/2015 22:50  

havfun @ 24/06/2015 10:49  

anyone going tonight
havfun @ 24/06/2015 13:31  

I will be there... the weather is soo good it would be rude not to
Lindsay @ 24/06/2015 13:43  

any one going today
havfun @ 01/07/2015 05:43  

bikes a nonstarter
think the suns fried the switches
havfun @ 01/07/2015 22:56  

Oh Norm, thats a pain in the posterior! Hope you get it sorted soon. You were missed tonight x
Lindsay @ 02/07/2015 00:16  

anyone tonight ?
havfun @ 08/07/2015 10:24  

Might be. If work dosnt pick up.

Bike running yet?
Stuie. @ 08/07/2015 10:26  

took lot of bits and bobs off
can see leci motor and tooch connections but goto take sum more stuff off
fingers not longenough
engine going ok
havfun @ 08/07/2015 12:38  

you all hideing from the liquid sunshine down there
havfun @ 08/07/2015 20:46  

Just got home half an hour ago, I fear I shall be missing Squires this week.
Stuie. @ 08/07/2015 21:02  

I got into my PJ's at 6.15pm, just needed to veg out sorry Norm
Lindsay @ 08/07/2015 21:52  

I got there about 6.30pm, it was raining and only about 5 or 6 bikes there. A big difference from last Wednesday. Was still a good night though
Karey @ 09/07/2015 00:33  

i got bike tempory fixed and back together and no bits left over
rewarded meself with cupa proper coffee

havfun @ 09/07/2015 09:31  

but to late to come down
havfun @ 09/07/2015 09:31  

 Posts: 44       Pages: 2/3

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