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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

Squires- Wednesday 22nd April

Squires- Wednesday 22nd April - Forums [Biker Match] Squires- Wednesday 22nd April - Forums [Biker Match]
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Squires- Wednesday 22nd April

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Probably bob along about 6:30 and start my initiation.
Give me a wave when you hear me "clonking" into the car park

chevalier @ 22/04/2015 14:05  

Good one Chevvy

We should hopefully be sat at the benches somewhere near the cafe itself.

It's a gorgeous day here, so Squires is gonna be busy!

See you there
purplebetty @ 22/04/2015 14:09  

I'll have a bumble over should be there for half 5 -6.
rileymtr @ 22/04/2015 14:45  

oooh - think I'd best nip over to Squires now to reserve our tables, looks like it's going to be a lively evening!!

Be good to see you there Riley!
purplebetty @ 22/04/2015 15:07  

Good to see you all this evening...Ben was very pleased with XKs burger LOL. Welcome to Chevalier.....hope we've not put you off
Alice2 @ 22/04/2015 20:58  

Good to see you all and meet Chevalier.
Vladamir @ 22/04/2015 21:13  

What a good evening !!!!

Great to meet Chevalier..... see everyone else, and of course Mr Ben. Am also glad to report that the chips were superb!....and that the tomato ketchup has been restocked!

The best bit of all was the was PACKED wall to wall ...a bike cafe at its best!

See you all again soon.x.
purplebetty @ 22/04/2015 21:36  

Awwww, wanna go!!
Catkins @ 22/04/2015 21:40  

Hey Cat!
I was in York this lunchtime.....I would've picked you up but didn't have your address

So Just embrace the Gothness this weekend and tell us all about it at the next Squires meet
purplebetty @ 22/04/2015 21:54  

I pitched up, I stole all the chips, I bogged off again ??
Stuie. @ 22/04/2015 22:32  

then ate more when got home!

Good to see everyone tonight. Sorry I wasn't very good company, thanks for putting up with me.
Lindsay @ 22/04/2015 22:43  

@Stuie - never a truer word was spoken!!!!

@ Linz - .....that is all.
purplebetty @ 22/04/2015 22:58  

Thanks for the Welcome and looking forward to seeing you again in Matlock
chevalier @ 23/04/2015 06:57  

poped in cudnt stop long
nice bday cake
havfun @ 23/04/2015 09:30  

Still trying to work out how my flying spaghetti monster managed to sneak into my mah-jong...
XKLYBR @ 23/04/2015 12:36  

 Posts: 35       Pages: 2/2

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