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Yorkshire Pudding Rally

Yorkshire Pudding Rally - Forums [Biker Match] Yorkshire Pudding Rally - Forums [Biker Match]
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Yorkshire Pudding Rally

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is it bad head pills at the ready or hare of the dog fix
havfun @ 01/08/2015 09:37  

Home, unpacked, dried out, repacked, fed, watered, washed, picked up dawgie... Washing out and RELAX!

A really great weekend, lots of laughter and fun. Meeting up with really old mates (oh the good old days!) and the odd BMer or dozen.

Things that particularly leap out that i will remember for a long time;
Friday night, never thought I would have my hands on Mandie's thighs!!!

Saturday night, full on tent moshing with Stuie to Rob Zombie... RAWK!!!

Thanks for a fab time everyone x
Lindsay @ 02/08/2015 16:44  

Well what can I say... had an absolutely fantastic weekend with fantastic mates, some I haven't seen for a few years, some I see regularly and some not so often. Way too many to mention, but you know who you all are!

If were weren't dancing and tekking the pish out of each other, we were catching up with good old conversation and putting the world to rights! Awesome!

I hope you all had a good journey back, me and Ziggy had some issues, he's in the naughty corner as I type! But I'm sure he'll be in my good books again very soon

The Smacked Arse Comedy show was funny as chuff, especially the mad Irish man! and the bands were great, the better ones playing on Saturday and got my feet tapping just a little bit!!

My jaw is aching and my sides are split, from so much laughing and mucho merriment! Can't wait for the next on..........oooh only a few more days to go.. Bring on the Rock & Bike at Squires!

See you there if you're going!!

PS.. to those who asked.. there was no Yorkshire Pudding.. hmmm perhaps they need a pudding wagon at these Yorkshire rallies??... now there's a thought ....
Karey @ 02/08/2015 18:18  

wheres the pikis
havfun @ 02/08/2015 20:24  

i want to see what iv missed
havfun @ 03/08/2015 08:13  

Hi Norman I only took 3 photos, I will try and upload them.

I think Linzi (GBNP) and a few others had their cameras out, so watch this space ;)
Karey @ 03/08/2015 10:00  

I can't get mine to upload but I've added a couple that others took :o)
Karey @ 03/08/2015 11:27  

Ive not had time since I got back home it's been busy, busy, busy and I am now back in work. I will sort photo's this evening (if I get two minutes to rub together!) ...
Lindsay @ 03/08/2015 13:57  

 Posts: 48       Pages: 3/3

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