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BMW recalls 300,000 bikes

BMW recalls 300,000 bikes - Forums [Biker Match] BMW recalls 300,000 bikes - Forums [Biker Match]
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BMW recalls 300,000 bikes

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oooops gonna cost a few bob,,,,its in mcn and affects a lot of k and r series models,,,,

   Update Reply
ninjaflump @ 19/03/2015 18:03  

Not yet received my recall notice from BMW,

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 13/04/2015 00:10  

Not got mine yet

   Update Reply
havfun @ 13/04/2015 13:02  

funny BMW are normally good at recalls.

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 17/04/2015 00:01  

I had my rear wheel off my K1200 the other day and had a quick look for cracks. Seems ok at the moment, but I always use a torque wrench when refitting. But i guess its going to take time to do this recall, it involves a total hub rebuild, and that takes time and money.

   Update Reply
SPESH @ 17/04/2015 07:53  

Received my recall this morning. Booked in for 6 May.

Just the flange replacement. Should take less than an hour.

Removed these flanges in the past. There a pig as you have to use heat and a puller. There welcome to it. No reason the hub should need a rebuild. Rear wheel bearing replacements were a different recall. Since I replaced my rear wheel bearing last year that won't need doing.

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 18/04/2015 12:06  

It's the bit that holds the disc, had mine done at the weekend without a recall notice,was having new tyres fitted at the time ahead of a long trip!

   Update Reply
YID @ 20/04/2015 20:19  

ooh heat and seals do not mix.......and bearings and pullers don't either. I hope there providing a warrenty on these items after they've done a bit of a quick flange replacement. i shall ask, and voice my concerns

   Update Reply
SPESH @ 20/04/2015 21:23  

Well I asked when I popped in. The bloke said they had a puller to remove the flange, but was a bit vague how they pressed it back on. We shall wait and see what happens ;-)

   Update Reply
SPESH @ 27/04/2015 23:55  

To pull the flange off you warm it. I use a hot air gun. The puller dose not excert any force onto the bearings.

The flange is held on using an interference fit. A difference of 30degs C is all that is needed to break the join. So no damage to seals. They get hotter than that when you ride it.

To put the new flange on heat the flange to 100deg and it just drops into place and cools almost instantly.

Simple basic engineering.

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 29/04/2015 00:41  

Ooh I've had my letter through.
Is the hub that the flange sits on ally? That's why I assumed they would strip the hub. The heat will dissipate rapidly if it's a ally hub, hence the rapid cool down of the flange. As any one who has tried to tig weld ally before will know.
I shall pop in and book it in one afternoon next week.

   Update Reply
SPESH @ 29/04/2015 11:29  

I think the hub is some sort of stainless steel. Deffo not alloy

The flange that is being replaced is Ally but i belive the upgraded replacement is a steel alloy.

When I have put flanges back on the hubs in the past I Put the whole drive unit in the freezer and the flange in the oven for half an hour. All just falls together then.

Remember when you get the new hub the wheel bolts are tightened to 60nm. And not 15th ratchet of the air gun!

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 03/05/2015 19:38  

All done took just an hour.

Off with the billet flange and in with the cast ally one.

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 06/05/2015 11:24  

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