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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

Rock un Bike 2015

Rock un Bike 2015  - Forums [Biker Match] Rock un Bike 2015  - Forums [Biker Match]
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Rock un Bike 2015

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Might not be pies @ Alice2 this year :<< Sorry guys xx
Alice2 @ 28/05/2015 22:21  

Alice nooooooooooooooooooo
Brummie Jackie @ 01/06/2015 10:00  

Noooooooooo I will waste away :(
JP @ 01/06/2015 10:59  

Jp think we may have to do some persuading, use your charm man !!!
Brummie Jackie @ 01/06/2015 12:42  

Me and charm in the same sentence ?
JP @ 02/06/2015 14:29  

Looking forward to seeing folk i haven't seen all year at this one lol
Brummie Jackie @ 08/06/2015 10:03  

Might just have to stop at truckers cafe en route for hearty food lol
Brummie Jackie @ 19/06/2015 09:42  

Best of luck trying to run across the A1 bj lol
JP @ 19/06/2015 10:42  

I can go to the island and turn round plum head
Brummie Jackie @ 19/06/2015 12:01  

I'm hoping to be there on the Saturday as its on my way home from holiday in Scarborough!!! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
FibroWarrior @ 20/06/2015 12:23  

Any special pies for me Alice
Bikeabill @ 21/06/2015 07:07  

Alice not doing them this year Bill I think we need to have a word and send the Boys round to sort her out

JP @ 21/06/2015 09:28  

Looking forward to dancing with Lady Sharon at this one, i have bought inner thingies for my shoes so no foot ache lol
Brummie Jackie @ 16/07/2015 09:08  

This looks interesting

CHAOS DOLLS, performing Friday & Saturday night at YR&BS 2015. Chaos Dolls Chaos Dolls - Specialise in burlesque, fire, angle grinding, dance

JP @ 18/07/2015 06:53  

JP @ 18/07/2015 06:58  

JP @ 18/07/2015 07:00  

Thanks for the band listing @JP. Good to see a variation in genres, although i did chuckle when i saw Saturday's headline band, i guess Dave 'The Law' will be staying over at Squires rather than travelling home! Its been a while since I saw him perform, should be a giggle.

Also really happy that i wont have to call a meeting of the AJCC this year ... Yeehah!

Looking forward to this one as usual
Lindsay @ 20/07/2015 07:29  

Yes its looking like a good line up and great weekend as always. GBNP not long to wait now
JP @ 21/07/2015 03:34  

excited now :)
Brummie Jackie @ 21/07/2015 10:06  

Got time off work so will be there from Thursday all by myself lol
.Zebedee. @ 27/07/2015 17:27  

 Posts: 75       Pages: 2/4

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