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Pity is someone who laughs at one of my jokes...

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XKLYBR @ 25/04/2015 10:15  

'You can take a horse to water but a pencil must be lead' ...

Stan Laurel

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Deleted Member @ 25/04/2015 10:40  

Even funnier... I messed my quote up above hahahaha

Should have read 'You can lead a horse to water but a pencil must be lead'

Sorry Mr Laurel, lets hope it gave someone a laugh today anyway

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Deleted Member @ 25/04/2015 12:05  

You can lead an Irish lass to water, but you cannot make her cross to KISS5...


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XKLYBR @ 25/04/2015 20:53  

Hahahaha! XK I like it, very true! x

Trying to get time off at min should be there but dont wanna put name down until I get my hols ok-ed by the boss, will find out in next week or so x

Im just bloody awful at commitment ...

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Deleted Member @ 25/04/2015 21:33  

Learn from the past, live in the present , look to the future !

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Jackyan @ 26/04/2015 19:25  

Amazing things happen to those who wait!

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Deleted Member @ 19/05/2015 10:24  

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double six @ 20/05/2015 08:31  

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rowanblossom @ 20/05/2015 12:39  

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rowanblossom @ 20/05/2015 12:42  

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rowanblossom @ 20/05/2015 12:45  


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rowanblossom @ 20/05/2015 12:52  

Carpe Cerivisi

Seize the Beer!

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PCGuru @ 21/05/2015 20:49  

Don't worry, be happy!!

   Update Reply
SlowGoose @ 21/05/2015 21:04  

" read what you've written before you hit submit"

Pretty much the same idea as "engage brain before opening mouth"

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 28/05/2015 10:24  

Hee hee, no, not so much a problem as just confusion....

"If it's something you can do something about, why worry? If it's something you can't do anything about, why worry?"

Well, I'd say that if it's something you can do something about, get on and do it, and if it's something you can't do anything about, then there's no point in worrying :-)

Maybe we're saying the same thing, just in different ways.... ;-)

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Deleted Member @ 29/05/2015 09:51  

The only thing to fear is fear itself!

   Update Reply
SlowGoose @ 09/06/2015 21:41  

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!


Do unto others before they do unto you!

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SlowGoose @ 09/06/2015 21:43  

Those that live by the sword, die by the sword!

When I die, I am going to take one bastard with me.
Do not piss me off, or you will be favourite.

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XKLYBR @ 09/06/2015 23:33  

Blood and Thunder XK, who's rattled your cage? Just because Rags won't buy you a beer is no reason to go off on one!

   Update Reply
double six @ 09/06/2015 23:44  

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