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Technical Motorbike Help

electrically probs??

electrically probs?? (1) - Forums [Biker Match] electrically probs?? (1) - Forums [Biker Match]
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electrically probs??

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I'm having some problems with my suzuki sv 650s....Out and about yesterday an 3 times the bike just cut out on me. The first time after riding about 30 mile I was just pulling into a car park and it just cut out bke would nt restart on electric switch it just clicked, ended up bumping it off. Ran then for about another 15 miles cut out again just as I slowed to go over a narrow bridge. Same again ended up bumping it off to start it! Third time slowing to let a car come passed a parked car an bike cut out again, but this time all the lights flashed then the rev counter an speedo went up an down before bike cut out. Started it by bumping it and the bike ran all the way home without any further problems?? This morning its fired up first time from the electric start switch?? Dont know where to begin! Had similar problem before xmas an auto electric had it for a week an found nothing??? Any ideas any one?!

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Tigerlil @ 19/02/2015 17:29  

Sounds like a faulty relay on the engine running systems.

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bugsbunny @ 19/02/2015 19:55  

Complete novice with anything mechnical/electrical on a bike, would
I find the relay under the seat next to the battery on the SV?

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Tigerlil @ 19/02/2015 20:35  

If you're just getting a clicking noise when you try to start the bike, it's probably a flat(ish) battery. But that could be caused by a number of possible faults n the battery itself or the circuitry on the bike.

As you're a mechanical and electrical novice, it would probably be confusing you to talk you though a series of diagnostic checks, but I'd certainly get a bike-savvy autoelectrician to give it a thorough once-over.

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Wills @ 20/02/2015 01:07  

My sons SV650 gave him loads of problems for no reason would cut out and not start then after a few mins would run fine then a day or so later would do the same. He never used the bike for 2 years as he was getting back on the road for the winter he replaced the Battery and he has not had the same problem come back so its a chance its the Battery is on its way out. But as said with out getting a tester on it hard to say for sure

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JP @ 20/02/2015 17:50  

Thanks guys, Put a new battery on in August just gone, had no problems with it until December when it did the same thing as its done this week. Auto leccy looked at it in dec an found 3 dodgy wires, sorted them out for me and the bike has been fine until I went out on her on Wednesday? Had multi meter thingy on battery on thurs and that all seemed fine with voltage. Yesterday she fired up, and today with the electric start button.

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Tigerlil @ 20/02/2015 23:13  

>> but this time all the lights flashed then the rev counter an speedo went up an down before bike cut out.<< it sounds like a bad earth

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Deleted Member @ 21/02/2015 00:10  

Sounds like a dodgy connection somewhere,
Check your battery connections are tight and not all furred up and corroded. The cover them in vaseline.

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Guzziguy123 @ 21/02/2015 01:16  

finding leccy faults is always fun ..... you haven't mentioned the age + mileage of the bike ?? helps us to guess the possible condition . corrosion at earth point is a favourite to cause problems
On my 2003 Ducati ....corrosion between ECU and its heat sink stopped me while out on the road

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Deleted Member @ 21/02/2015 05:38  

Its a 2002, 24k......All the connectors are clean and tight....I managed to do that been a complete mechanical novice lol, I will put some vasoline on the connectors today tho. Challenge today is to find ecu and heat sink??? Locate earth an see what thats like! Haynes manual is on its way!

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Tigerlil @ 21/02/2015 08:49  

Earth will be black wires, probably more than one, going to a bolt to the frame with ring terminals on them, which the bolt passes through. Undo, clean all with emery, brillo etc so nice n shiney. Clean the frame too & then rebolt.

There may be more than one earthing point, trick is to find 'em!

Just looking at a schematic, earth could be black with white tracers.

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PCGuru @ 21/02/2015 16:57  

Try to locate a green terminal block (under the tank?) as these have been known to fail on SV's. Have a look at "SV portal" or one of the owners forums.

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SlowGoose @ 10/03/2015 21:07  

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