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Honda NC700x- anyone got one/ridden one?
Opinions please!!!
I like the style and claimed 75mpg but would value some informed judgement.

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SlowGoose @ 26/01/2015 23:36  

Apparently they are good bikes from reviews, however, if you are used to thrashing your bike, it can be a bit of a trial as you have to get used to the rev limiter.

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rowanblossom @ 27/01/2015 08:48  

I owned one from new, great bike with a low reving torqy motor. The x has a great riding position and is great in traffic or open road. Tank storage is really useful and it easily gets 70 mpg with 80mpg up for grabs when ridden normally. Great bike but limited on 2 up work unless they are sub 9 stone!

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ColinB @ 27/01/2015 22:18  

I rode one for about half hour and thought the handling was poor, hated having to change up at 20 mph and was glad when the boss said that he thought they was cheap and we are not a cheap firm.
At least he got the first bit right.

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Ragnar @ 27/01/2015 22:48  

@RB- Me, thrash??? The clue is in the name.
@ColinB- Thats the impression I got from reviews, thanks
@Rag- Thats also the impression I got from reviews, thanks
Guess I will have to test ride one to see if I can cope with basic suspension and half a "Jazz" motor

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SlowGoose @ 29/01/2015 22:26  

Do like the idea of 75mpg tho

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SlowGoose @ 29/01/2015 22:29  

@RB- I only have a "squeaky bum limiter" on my ZZR

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SlowGoose @ 29/01/2015 22:33  

@SG....and that only kicks in when you are doing the wall of death stunt.....

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rowanblossom @ 30/01/2015 07:18  

Honda c90 SG. better fuel consumption and similar performance ;-)

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Deleted Member @ 31/01/2015 16:18  


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SlowGoose @ 01/02/2015 14:52  

I've ridden one. The engine is gutless. It doesn't rev. Feels like a diesel. As for handling. The thing is so slow handling isn't an issue. The thing has about 40 bhp , similar power to my Kenwood chef but can't make dough. Better off with a scooter.

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dustin666 @ 14/02/2015 01:53  

Bought one, now playing the "can I get 80mpg" game. When I get bored I will chop it in for a ZZR14 and play the "how long will I keep my licence" game.

   Update Reply
SlowGoose @ 26/02/2015 23:42  

Nc700x to ZZR1400 - think that's called the "how long will I stay alive" game

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Deleted Member @ 02/03/2015 20:19  

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