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Furniture needed

Furniture needed - Forums [Biker Match] Furniture needed - Forums [Biker Match]
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Furniture needed

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Hi folks,

Might as well get this out there so folks know. I'm after bedroom furniture of all types - beds, wardrobes, bedside tables etc. so if you're after disposing or selling anything of that ilk please give me a shout.

Also would like a sewing machine if anyone has one spare!

Many thanks,


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PCGuru @ 11/01/2015 19:07  

Hi PC.
Have you tried your local Freecycle group for this sort of stuff? My local one is always giving away furniture and the like.

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Deleted Member @ 12/01/2015 11:47  

I have looked at a couple of Facebook freebie pages, but everything goes as soon as it's posted. I'm gonna go look in the local charity shops at the weekend & see what I can find.

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PCGuru @ 12/01/2015 20:25  

I don't know about facebook freebies, but I use my local freecycle group, much easier and I've found, friendlier too.

Give them a try.

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Deleted Member @ 12/01/2015 20:31 freebies/ manchester

www. recycleforgreater

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rowanblossom @ 13/01/2015 08:40  

not sure what happened there but it missed a bit

you can also use Gumtree and Preloved, but you have to usually pay for stuff on there.

I have used freecycle myself and you do have to be quick.

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rowanblossom @ 13/01/2015 08:41  

Popped into a Heart Foundation shop, and it looks like they only take decent stuff. Also it looks like they receive gifts from furniture shops like new sofa's and dining tables and chairs?? Worth a try x

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Deleted Member @ 13/01/2015 18:19  

Do you have an 'Impact' - that's what its called up here..goes with the housing association some stuff not so good..but other stuff great!

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Joey05 @ 14/01/2015 07:19  

Don't recognise the name, Joey, but will have a scout around. There's a Heart Foundation shop not far away so will try to look in there at weekend.

I don't mind paying for decent stuff, if the price is right. I'm looking to rent the rooms out so don't really want to spend a fortune on brand new stuff right away. I know what state lodgers can leave it in!

   Update Reply
PCGuru @ 14/01/2015 19:06  

Impact is just our local housing group so I think they all have different names..
Our local one is pretty good.
Good luck. :)

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Joey05 @ 14/01/2015 19:24  

Hiya - The old folks home that my dad is in are having a refurb and dumping 29 wardrobes I think it is, in March. The last one they had, they ended up smashing some up to get rid.
If you think this will be any good to you , let me know. AJ

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VFR800AJ @ 16/01/2015 16:16  

Also get Friday's MEN, auction notifications are in usually

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rowanblossom @ 16/01/2015 16:38  

Hi, I'm getting rid of a white IKEA ANEBODA wardrobe. Just posted it on Freecycle but I think I'm prob too far away for you?!

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 19/01/2015 11:25  

Yes, VFR, most interested there if I don't get anything before then.

Thanks for the offer DevaDeva, but yes, I think you're a bit too far away from me for me to accept. Offer appreciated though.

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PCGuru @ 19/01/2015 22:55  

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