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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

Matlock Mayhem 2 - Sunday 26 April 2015

Matlock Mayhem 2 - Sunday 26 April 2015 - Forums [Biker Match] Matlock Mayhem 2 - Sunday 26 April 2015 - Forums [Biker Match]
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Matlock Mayhem 2 - Sunday 26 April 2015

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Jo I have been told I need to get a ticket dispenser from the delli counter so the lady's will know who's turn it is to slap me next
JP @ 17/01/2015 08:45  

Well I know BJ will get first ticket
rowanblossom @ 18/01/2015 10:03  

Never mind JP we have all suffered with women issues at one time or another but usually only one at a time
bugsbunny @ 18/01/2015 13:01  

Bugs women dont bother me you will find out when you meet me. I have an inside voice, an outside voice, and the in my head voice But they are all mixed up and it really makes it very interesting. Then you add drink and the fun starts just ask any of the female members lol

JP @ 18/01/2015 13:08  

Good you have a working strategy I was beginning to get a new complex before meeting these amazons.
bugsbunny @ 18/01/2015 13:24  

Any objections if I try to drag some reprobates over from this part of the world to join in ?
RickM @ 18/01/2015 14:30  

Only if you / they do chips/cake/ice cream/tea/coffee not all at the same time obviously
VFR800AJ @ 18/01/2015 14:50  

Whats wrong with all at the same time @AJ?

I will have mine without the coffee please : )
Lindsay @ 18/01/2015 15:59  

Linz you will get fat having them all at the same time ?? Arr forgot bit late to worry about that lol
JP @ 18/01/2015 17:00  

Guaranteed cure for 'lady flu' I guess linz
VFR800AJ @ 18/01/2015 17:09  

Looking forward to my AJ ice cream .....yummy
Brummie Jackie @ 18/01/2015 18:05  

Pmsl ... @JP, Ive got a bit of a way to go before i steal your crown for Bump of the Year Award...although having said that, my ass is defo much bigger than yours ; ) perhaps we could share the crown?!
Lindsay @ 18/01/2015 18:18  

Linz we could have our own table for the little un large eating party
JP @ 19/01/2015 07:02  

mmmm food, can i join in?

Might have to get a gold wing at this rate
Stuie. @ 19/01/2015 12:10  

^^^^^^^^ Oh My Goodness! If I gotta get on a Goldwing, I've just decided I'm on a strict starvation diet!
Lindsay @ 19/01/2015 12:51  

Bumped for HRH gbnp . VFR800AJ's Half Century and a Decade Birthday Bash!
A meet up at Matlock Bath to celebrate VFR800AJ's 'special birthday'. If you fancy eating icecream, fish n chips, donuts (as well as cake) in honour of AJ's birthday get yourself on your bike and come join the fun.
Lots of natter, giggles and frivolity guaranteed!
Usual place outside Kosta's next to the giant icecream cones. Come join in the fun, you know you want to!
JP @ 19/01/2015 17:11  

C'mon guys, last year the Mayhem had a fabulous turnout, the weather was amazing, blue skies, sunny n warm ... plenty of ice cream scoffed! An all round good vibe.

Let's make this year just as good!

Afterall its a very special birthday for the lufferley VFR800AJ, we hope to make it a gathering he remembers next year when he is sitting in his bath chair, with a tartan rug over his knees ; ) **chuckles** Dont forget to put your face on the event, so we know who to look out for. Go on, you know you want to!
Lindsay @ 20/01/2015 20:20  

You cheeky GIT !!!! GBNp Bath chair and a rub ?????????????????????? lol
VFR800AJ @ 20/01/2015 22:31  

RuG ... @AJ, your eyesight on its way too ? Hmmm **might have to find you some special lenses**

Rofl... I loves ya really you lufferley geezer!
Lindsay @ 20/01/2015 23:03  

Just been asked by a newbie (welcome onboard ropez) if anyone from the East Coast is planning on going to this one? By East Coast i mean around Mablethorpe area.

If any in that locality or nearby it is going and wouldnt mind riding over to Matlock Bath with others can you please let me or ropez know ? Cheers x
Lindsay @ 21/01/2015 18:24  

 Posts: 447       Pages: 3/23

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