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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

Hastings Mayday Run 4-5-15

Hastings Mayday Run 4-5-15 - Forums [Biker Match] Hastings Mayday Run 4-5-15 - Forums [Biker Match]
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Hastings Mayday Run 4-5-15

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Is there a group meet-up and ride down being thought about ??? Maybe from Maidstone, and/or from the Oakdene ? Brathu
Brathu @ 29/04/2015 19:55  

now it seems the big man upstairs has decided on good weather tomorrow, i'll deffo be there.

last year andy, you set up a meet for sussex area riders by lewes tunnel. is that happening again this time or not?

and dave, i worry a bit about you. already you have had 3 bumps on page 1 and i haven't been out anywhere in your company yet this year. are you trying to scare me off already? hope it doesn't affect your insurance premiums...
stumpy28 @ 03/05/2015 14:05  

im coming ,,,where we going
stutts @ 03/05/2015 20:12  

To invade France again.
Ragnar @ 03/05/2015 20:54  

happy days ,,,,,have they got bobs beer in hastings
stutts @ 03/05/2015 21:24  

Excellent :D then I'll see you at the layby :)
Owl101 @ 03/05/2015 21:43  

Nar, that's why we need to get to France
Ragnar @ 03/05/2015 22:23  

Now I need to figure out how to find you lot here
Owl101 @ 04/05/2015 09:49  

I had a brilliant day. It was good to see everyone again a some nee faces too.
The bikes were wall to wall :-)
davidneale @ 04/05/2015 18:31  

A few pics of the day on the calendar
DAVE VM @ 04/05/2015 19:03  

hope all got home okay .
nice to see a good turnout,, happy days
stutts @ 04/05/2015 19:15  

Good day at the seaside.
Had the old Bill behind me all the way back.
Ragnar @ 04/05/2015 20:12  

How long did you queue for your Fish&Chips then Chris ??.

That was a bummer having plod stuck on yer tail like that !

DAVE VM @ 04/05/2015 20:27  

We blew out the fish and chips, couldn't be arsed queueing.
Photos uploaded, sporry only two :-)
davidneale @ 04/05/2015 20:47  

yes, good to see you nutters... i mean... good people again. and a few new faces.

how on earth do i qualify as a 'pic of the day' dave? well, at least i don't think i look quite the serial killer i usually do in photos. not quite sure what i DO look like though...
stumpy28 @ 04/05/2015 22:18  

 Posts: 35       Pages: 2/2

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