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Technical Motorbike Help


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have a electrical fault .when i turn steering to full lock either side my 2 indicator lights on consul both come on .Anyone know a good reliable Electrician near to erith .

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chuckle @ 21/12/2014 23:25  

Send a pm to Ragnar No1, he is down that way, he might know someone who can help you out.

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double six @ 21/12/2014 23:41  

Is this happening with the Ignition On or Off? If it is happening with the Ignition Off, then it is likely a wiring fault with the Ignition switch or its connecting loom.
There is something shorting or making contact likely inside a wiring loom or the wiring loom is shorting to the frame or exerting pressure on a switch assembly causing the switch assembly to make a contact.
This is a common problem with wiring looms around the headstock area where repeated turning moments at the same point by the handlebars cause the wiring inside a loom to fracture or short circuit. This is usually caused by an excessively tightened cable tie concentrating the turning moment at one fixed point rather than allowing the loom to bend along its length.
To locate this problem, set the steering straight ahead with the Ignition 'On' and start by pushing pulling any wiring loom coming from the handlebars to try and bring on the fault.
If that does not show up where the fault is occurring, move the bars from side to side while watching for movement of any part of the wiring loom e.g. at the Ignition switch, steering head, headlamp etc.
When you see movement of the loom, particularly where it is repeatedly bending at the same point, cut any cable tie present and flex that part of the loom with your fingers to see if you can bring on the fault.
If you find a part of the loom that causes the problem, you will need to carefully cut open the loom and expose the inner wires. Any faulty wiring can be cut back and new similar size/colour wiring pieced and soldered in (important it is soldered) and the joint insulated with heat shrink sleeving. Re-wrap the harness with proper Wiring Harness Tape to preserve the fire-proofing integrity of the loom.
Get your electrical wire (by the metre) and other bits here:
This post is courtesy of my free week's Xmas posting gift by Biker Match - thank you!

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Galactic Greyhound @ 22/12/2014 13:13  

thank you for all the replies and advice .I hate Electrics lol .

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chuckle @ 24/12/2014 21:36  

thank you for all the replies and advice .I hate Electrics lol .

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chuckle @ 24/12/2014 21:38  

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