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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

BM's Central France Run June 25th- Sunday 5th July 2015

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BM's Central France Run June 25th- Sunday 5th July 2015

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Oh Yes cant wait!!
stuartvfr750 @ 09/02/2015 20:30  

For info

I have just booked the 3 remaining nights and will be a total cost of £85 for B&B. that puts this holiday £402 for 10 days in France

That pays for
all accommodation, all breakfasts for whole trip, 7 evening meals, 7 evenings of all drinks.

What you will need on top of it
Fuel cost for about 3000 miles
3 nights dinner/drink
ferry crossing which is about £45 return

The plan

25th June Edinburgh heading down to Dover for first night in Calais via A68 then A1(M) so can meet anyone on way down
26th head down to Le Mans
27th- 3rd local runs using the B&B as a base (no luggage to hump around) visiting some fantastic scenery, empty roads and history/castles by the bucketful.
4th run back up to Calais
July 5th land in Dover around 10:30.

There is only max of 3 single spaces left for this tour as 9 folk have paid already so first come first served so be quick

27th-3rd all inclusive, 406 euros/£322 (Deposit of 50 euros Balance of 356 to be paid in euros on arrival)
Deposit in Sterling Euro Cash @rate 1.2120 50 euros = £41.25p

bed linen, and towels.
English Breakfast
Home cooked evening meal
French Beer, Wine, Tea, Coffee and Squash
Secure Parking
WiFi access to the Internet
Workshop facilities, Air Compressor
Drying room facilities

madscots @ 18/02/2015 20:48  

roll on June! :-)
gsxgeoff @ 18/02/2015 23:07  

going to be Ace

madscots @ 19/02/2015 01:21  

Oh Yes cant wait!!

stuartvfr750 @ 19/02/2015 01:26  

Dad dad dad dad dad dad just over 12 weeks woohoo!
stuartvfr750 @ 28/03/2015 11:44  

OH YES lol

I get my new Tenere in a few weeks also so will need to get some miles on that before taking it to Alps in September.

madscots @ 28/03/2015 13:08  

Hi all
JuliaC here from, yes you've guessed it, France. I live in central France, Dept 36 and would be happy for you all to drop by and have a cuppa if you find yourselves nearby.
I would offer B&B as well but I've seen that you've already booked all your accommodation.
Anyway, please let me know if you want to drop by/stay, etc.
Would love to see you all.
Bebe D-Oie @ 27/04/2015 22:22  

That would be cool - have to defer to the boss/dad/tourguide/groupenfhurer on a decision though....
MrMike @ 29/04/2015 16:14  

Plus, just so you know if you're coming down the A20 and are in my region I know of a cafe/bar that does good meals/baguettes and serves proper English tea - Sonia, the owner also speaks English - which is literally just off the A20.
Just let me know about popping in to see me but, if you can't get to me and you are going down the A20 then I'd love to meet you for a cuppa at Sonia's.
Bebe D-Oie @ 29/04/2015 20:27  


Julia can you Pm me some addresses as not looked at what route I'll take down this time, but I will split it up to keep off the motorways as much as possible.

Happy to see what I can do when we head down from Le Mans

madscots @ 29/04/2015 23:39  

Hi Dad

I'll PM you later this evening with my details.

Bebe D-Oie @ 30/04/2015 14:51  

Looks like we could organise a meet at the Cafe on way down from le Mans as it's only 2.5 hours or so north of Treignac

Trip is closed now so all the folk have paid and booked so be cool 8 weeks to go
madscots @ 01/05/2015 11:15  

Dad dad dad dad dad dad dad its only 6 weeks to go woohoo!!

stuartvfr750 @ 13/05/2015 00:31  

only 2 weeks until Hartside meet :)
madscots @ 13/05/2015 12:30  

only 2 weeks until Hartside meet :)
madscots @ 13/05/2015 12:30  

Dad dad dad dad dad dad dad dad dad dad dad dad dad its only 25 days OHHHH YYYYESSSSSS!!!!!!
stuartvfr750 @ 31/05/2015 02:18  

Get some proper biking miles in
madscots @ 31/05/2015 11:28  

Dad dad dad dad dad dad dad dad dad only 22 days to go!! OHH YYYEEEESSSS!!
stuartvfr750 @ 03/06/2015 00:28  

Looking forward to this -not long to go
Deleted Member @ 04/06/2015 22:55  

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