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France for beginners part 3

France for beginners part 3 - Forums [Biker Match] France for beginners part 3 - Forums [Biker Match]
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France for beginners part 3

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France and Spain leaving on 1st april 2015 .portsmouth to Bilbao returning on 9th april, will be staying in Beyonne area, and riding out each day,will be taking in lots of sights,and all levels of riding ,NO ONE WILL GET LEFT BEHIND.If youre worried don't be ,accomadation all booked ,all you have to do is book ferry very quickly as ferry companies are running out of places,just book and pay deposit I have code number for ferry and full cost is £313 return including accomadation.6 have already booked 6 places left.any ? please contact me
stutts @ 13/11/2014 18:18  

SORRY cost above is for ferry return trip accomadation will be around £100.00 for week we will be eating out most days and all accomadation has cooking facilities and will be doing a supermarket run and barbeques ,
stutts @ 13/11/2014 18:45  

How many times we gotta go before we're not beginners?
Owd Stokey @ 13/11/2014 18:48  

when you can do a week without breaking your bike
stutts @ 13/11/2014 18:49  

?? Blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ?? don't be horrible
Owd Stokey @ 13/11/2014 18:56  

If people want to have a look at the digs and what there like go to Expedia and type in Les Collines Iduki.
Ragnar @ 13/11/2014 19:19  

Is that where we stayed last year in them chalets
Vladamir @ 13/11/2014 19:21  

Yeah it's the place we stayed on the first night Vlad
Ragnar @ 13/11/2014 19:26  

I'll be booking the ferry tomorow don't want to get left behind
Vladamir @ 13/11/2014 19:33  

I tried to book tonight but the office is closed so left my contact details and Stutts booking reference number. The answer machine says they'll call me back at 10am in the morning.
Owd Stokey @ 13/11/2014 19:49  

stutts @ 13/11/2014 20:08  

I'm booked so if you miss out you could come down to Postsmouth and wave us off.
Ragnar @ 13/11/2014 20:26  

PLEASE NOTE,,i have booked ferry and paid deposits as ferry company couldn't handle all the calls BLESS THEM,so if you've paid happy days if not you have to pay me by end January so no hassle.i will need your name bike reg and address and dob as soon as thanks to all
stutts @ 14/11/2014 17:30  

So, Who's coming?

Ragnar @ 15/11/2014 12:37  

im definitely going ragnar,so theres five places left :-)
curlyboy @ 15/11/2014 13:53  

I'm going
Vladamir @ 15/11/2014 19:33  

me too
havfun @ 15/11/2014 19:39  

I am coming with Linda..

Can't see this on events.
davidneale @ 15/11/2014 21:06  

Normski mate good to see you're coming again next year. You was missed on the last one.
Ragnar @ 15/11/2014 21:43  

got half a msg david no worries will call you tomorrow, have submitted it to events few days ago
stutts @ 15/11/2014 23:22  

 Posts: 226       Pages: 1/12

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