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Yamaha Virago 1100

Yamaha Virago 1100 - Forums [Biker Match] Yamaha Virago 1100 - Forums [Biker Match]
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Yamaha Virago 1100

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1996 40,000 miles

I have owned this since 4,000 miles (2nd owner).

Very good condition.

Screen and pillyrest.

£1,850 ovno.

   Update Reply
XKLYBR @ 12/11/2014 12:24  

Still available.
Only selling as I have too many bikes!
Will chuck in some leather throwover panniers.

   Update Reply
XKLYBR @ 15/02/2015 20:42  

Must need new glasses, I misread that.
I thought it said you'd throw in a leather lawnmower!

   Update Reply
Steve_H @ 15/02/2015 21:32  

Next time we out riding, I'll give you 'lawnmower'!

   Update Reply
XKLYBR @ 15/02/2015 22:14  

C'mon peeps.
This is a decent machine.
Very low seat height, for the vertically challenged.
Shaft drive, if u can't be arsed with chains.
This is a cheap and reliable tourer.

   Update Reply
XKLYBR @ 23/02/2015 23:02  

Nice comfy pilly seat too :>>

   Update Reply
Alice2 @ 24/02/2015 21:54  

What's it like width wise? Would it go down the entry of a terrace house and into a shed?

   Update Reply
Guzziguy123 @ 26/02/2015 00:02  

you will need 30" clearance.
This is the width of the handle bars.

   Update Reply
XKLYBR @ 26/02/2015 20:37  

For an in depth review of this unique motorcycle please refer to Tibbiesཋ

   Update Reply
Steve_H @ 28/03/2015 06:29  

Tibbies +1 phew

   Update Reply
peter1200gs @ 02/04/2015 21:35  

Guzzi. It already is a shed!

   Update Reply
Steve_H @ 06/04/2015 16:06  

And this, coming from the guy we all had to wait for last time out!

   Update Reply
XKLYBR @ 06/04/2015 18:10  

Still available.

   Update Reply
XKLYBR @ 22/04/2015 16:45  

Hey!! im lookin for a viagra! ooops sorry ment Virago!! just sold my wee 535 as it gave my legs cramp riding like a frog perched on a waterlily leaf! crusin pegs crap for my stupid long legs! tell me more about it please, :)

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 24/04/2015 17:45  

pm sent
I is 5' 8"
no probs wiv legs.

   Update Reply
XKLYBR @ 25/04/2015 19:35  

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