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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

Wales or Cornwall Camp ?

Wales or Cornwall Camp ? (6) - Forums [Biker Match] Wales or Cornwall Camp ? (6) - Forums [Biker Match]
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Wales or Cornwall Camp ?

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What are you doing about the Wales weekend then JP? are we still having one or is it being shelved this year?

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double six @ 08/01/2015 17:31  

Not being shelved, Its going to be sorted out a bit later in the year as we got to much to sort at the min. The calender is a bit full so could be a last min thing.

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JP @ 08/01/2015 17:39  

Last minute might not be good for me, I need to get hols booked before availability is gone.

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double six @ 08/01/2015 17:41  

Its called sick pay

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JP @ 08/01/2015 17:54  

Something I don't do lightly, I might be a twat in some peoples eyes but a glass-backed twat I am not. Sorry mate, throwing a shoe is not an option for me.

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double six @ 08/01/2015 17:57  

it,s a great site worth a visit and for those of you who have not been to Cornwall on a bike there,s some brilliant roads and great places to visit

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Bikeabill @ 11/01/2015 23:36  

This thread has been locked so it will drop off the page over the weekend and a new thread will be started carrying all the booking info.

   Update Reply
JP @ 14/01/2015 17:53  

 Posts: 107       Pages: 6/6

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