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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

Dent 2015

Dent 2015 - Forums [Biker Match] Dent 2015 - Forums [Biker Match]
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Dent 2015

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If I don't get dragged into work kicking and screaming I will come to Dent. Do I need to book in at the campsite or is it OK to just arrive and pay?
bugsbunny @ 31/03/2015 22:15  

Just turn up.
ps it is customary for the last to arrive to get the 1st round in!
XKLYBR @ 31/03/2015 23:19  

You going to have a late start then
bugsbunny @ 31/03/2015 23:39  

It's also becoming customary also to run up and down the area trying to bump start a recalcitrant motorcycle.
Try not to get roped into this!
Hope to see you there bugsbunny.
Steve_H @ 06/04/2015 16:26  


The Virago has been retired.

Enter... Mr. Deauville.
XKLYBR @ 06/04/2015 18:19  

Cries of joy, happiness and not a little relief.
See ya at Dent :-)
Steve_H @ 06/04/2015 20:27  

All being well I will get there 8 to 9 pm Friday. If I can get away early I will but don't hold your breath. Then I will have to put up my tent which is a new one this year. The manufacturer say it can be put up in 10 minutes so see you all in the pub about midnight.
bugsbunny @ 06/04/2015 23:54  

To save time, put it up before you set off.
It is quite easy to carry, as long as you remember to leave the door flap open so you can see out.
XKLYBR @ 07/04/2015 12:35  

Good idea can you lend me some long guy lines
bugsbunny @ 07/04/2015 19:55  

im travlin with dusty..hope the weather is as good as it has been the last few days:)) dissappointed there is not virago..i just love the entertainment lol
dizzydot @ 07/04/2015 20:01  

Ha! You try pushing the bloody thing!!!
Steve_H @ 07/04/2015 20:41  

Just back from a great days ride out. Now Its time to sort out my camping stuff ready for the off next Friday. I will be doing about 150 miles after a full day at work so I'll be ready for a cuppa when I arrive please . Any one been before know where we will be pitching?
bugsbunny @ 11/04/2015 18:34  

Just checked on AA planner its 180 miles so its a cuppa and a pint needed
bugsbunny @ 11/04/2015 19:13  

The campsite is at the western edge of the village. It has two fields.
You want the northern one.
Look for a few bikes - that'll be us, near the loo block.
I have a wigwam.
There are only two pubs, we will be in one or t'other.
XKLYBR @ 11/04/2015 21:49  

I'LL bring a compass and some navigation lights to find you then
bugsbunny @ 12/04/2015 13:48  

Any more for Dent?
Only a few days to go.
Steve_H @ 13/04/2015 20:03  

Gonna try to find you on Friday, no satnag yet so have to rely on feeble memory and a Goosey sense of direction.
SlowGoose @ 14/04/2015 22:19  

dont end up in Canada Goose!
Lindsay @ 14/04/2015 22:22  

Canada Goose!!!!!! Cheek
SlowGoose @ 14/04/2015 22:49  

I thought you might want to visit your cousins
Lindsay @ 14/04/2015 23:03  

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