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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

Borders Raid 2nd November

Borders Raid 2nd November - Forums [Biker Match] Borders Raid 2nd November - Forums [Biker Match]
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Borders Raid 2nd November

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Can't make it sorry....helping my friend to move house..catch u next time x
dizzydot @ 02/11/2014 07:48  

Aha , one Xk
dustin666 @ 02/11/2014 09:40  

Brilliant run. So far 4 crashes but no fatalities lol

Sam, Mo, Rupert the fridge, and vfr.
dustin666 @ 02/11/2014 12:02  

Brilliant run. So far 4 crashes but no fatalities lol

Sam, Mo, Rupert the fridge, and vfr.
dustin666 @ 02/11/2014 12:03  

Oh deary deary, it's the air ambulance for Bruce (Rupert the fridge).
dustin666 @ 02/11/2014 12:45  

OMG 5 down.

XK fell flat on his arse in the cafe lol
dustin666 @ 02/11/2014 12:53  

sounds like an interesting run
MrMike @ 02/11/2014 14:18  

Can't really call that a fantastic ride out seeing as 4 BMers "threw it down the road" . However, I enjoyed the winter sunshine , the craic in the cafe , good company , ace breakfast, lovely scenery and the wonderful traffic free Scottish Borders roads. Looking forward to the next raid Chris.
dustin666 @ 02/11/2014 16:30  

Bloody nora!! That's some toll

Hope nobody was too badly hurt!!
MrMike @ 02/11/2014 16:42  

That's me home, thanks to the folks that could make it out

Bruce, ruperthefridge is ok and was taken by ambulance (helicopter was stood down) to A&E as looks to have a broken hand.

David VFR owner looks to be ok but in a lot of pain in his hip so hope it's nothing more serious but he's away to get checked also.

Both came off after a sheep wandered across the road in front of David.

Sam and Mo both slipped from what i can gather on a roundabout on the way to meet us this morning, both ok just a bit bruised from the episode.

Hope everyone is ok
madscots @ 02/11/2014 17:08  

Jeez, was that the road down to Innerliethen? It's a nightmare for sheep - one of my favourite runs takes that road in, and it's got to be done really carefully at that bit as the little buggers are everywhere!

Hope everyone's OK
MrMike @ 02/11/2014 17:15  

My bottom is a bit sore

But I was lucky.
I was just behind Rupert and Dave when they came off.
Not only did I have to avoid panicking sheep, there were two large chunks of metal, two fat bastids, and other debris to swerve around.
I should audition for 'strictly'!
XKLYBR @ 02/11/2014 18:28  

Awww what are you like ...I don't come out to keep an eye on you and everything goes to pot...hope everyone ok tho x
dizzydot @ 02/11/2014 18:58  

got home about 6 ish
308 miles in total
glad i left late and missed it all
hope you all recover quickly

was good to see you all again
look forward to next time

havfun @ 02/11/2014 19:23  

Well done XK , quality riding pmsl.
dustin666 @ 02/11/2014 19:40  

This event has now officially been renamed the Border Raid Kamikaze Run.
Hope everyone is now home safe n sound. Im begining to defrost now.
Thanks for a great day.
Elaine x
holidayfan @ 02/11/2014 19:51  

Hope everybody is ok xx
Brummie Jackie @ 02/11/2014 20:15  

My god do you even know where the borders is BM

madscots @ 02/11/2014 21:06  

Make my scratches, jags and minor burns from bonfire pale in to insignificance.
Hope all, including the bikes, make a speedy recovery.

Who's having a leg of lamb this week then?
izzyhill @ 03/11/2014 13:58  

I heard from Mo/Pink87 that Bruce had to have an Op on his wrist and I will post anything as/when I hear anything else.

I'm sure that speaking for the group and BM staff that we all wish Bruce a speedy recovery
madscots @ 03/11/2014 23:56  

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