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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

9th November Ring of Red

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9th November Ring of Red

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Oh bums! Whats wrong with bike, thought it was a few scrapes?
Lindsay @ 03/11/2014 22:24  

Please get your name down on one of the two rides. It is all for a worthy cause :-)
davidneale @ 03/11/2014 22:42  

It is worse than first thought, but mostly cosmetic, I want them to check the frame and handle bars for my peace of mind. I have put my name down for a pilly request.
TAB007 @ 04/11/2014 08:51  

You should be luck Tab, they tend to crash quiet well. Frames take one hell of a wack before bending. Forks often twist but thats a 30 second fix.

I doubt a slow speed slide down the road will damage much more than the sticky outy bits.

Stuie. @ 04/11/2014 09:17  

Thanks x
TAB007 @ 04/11/2014 10:22  

So folks ... anyone planning on taking part in The Ring of Red (M60) who is setting off from West Yorkshire with a spare pilly and would like to help TAB out please shout out It would be great if she can attend. Fingers crossed
Lindsay @ 04/11/2014 13:48  

My boss told me today that he is still trying to get me the day off.

I'm not in work now until Saturday and I will find out then, if I get the day off I'll see you all in Thurrock.
Ragnar @ 04/11/2014 17:29  

Hopefully this isn't the boss you threatened to punch his lights out then ;)
Owd Stokey @ 04/11/2014 18:26  

Noooo That was the deputy boss who is leaving at the end of the month.

It seems nobody showed he any respect and for the record I didn't threatened to punch his lights out, I just kindly offered to help him down the stairs, (the quick way)
Ragnar @ 04/11/2014 18:41  

I hope that a few more Northern BMers decide to join the Ring of Red (M60) on Sunday, its a fab idea and a great way to pay your respects to all those lost and support for the Armed Forces today. All proceeds will be going to charity.

Lindsay @ 05/11/2014 07:34  

Hope to see you Ragnar. Stutts and Stokey if you're staying in Brentwood give me a shout.
Carolerd350 @ 05/11/2014 07:52  

I will when I knock your door
stutts @ 05/11/2014 17:12  

I will probably come up to this one Manchester. Anyone fancy a ride up from the Midlands? It's only an hour'ish or so isn't it ? and 2) Anyone got a spare red thing ?
VFR800AJ @ 07/11/2014 11:35  

Ive only got a Red Farmyard T'shirt - it's big enough to go over leathers though! You are welcome to borrow it @AJ. It will be good to see ya again ... it's an age since we met
Lindsay @ 07/11/2014 14:12  

AJ owes me big time, big hug and a cheeky peck is owed! :-)
TAB007 @ 07/11/2014 14:30  

LOL Steady on Tab Yes I can do that.
VFR800AJ @ 07/11/2014 14:35  

Yes please Linz Look out for the Yellow VFR
VFR800AJ @ 07/11/2014 14:36  

Lol, i aint gonna miss that am i? No worries @AJ, see you at Birch, tshirt will be in gruffalo!

Anyone else fancy joining us, give me a shout.
Lindsay @ 07/11/2014 20:56  

Can i come along please, just look out for the noisey bmw
Stuie. @ 07/11/2014 22:16  

Lol, yeah Stuie you better be there as im relying on you to get me there!

**starts practising thumbing a lift, just in case**
Lindsay @ 07/11/2014 22:20  

 Posts: 97       Pages: 3/5

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