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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

whoop whoop, it's Tibbie time. 2015.

whoop whoop, it's  Tibbie time. 2015. - Forums [Biker Match] whoop whoop, it's  Tibbie time. 2015. - Forums [Biker Match]
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whoop whoop, it's Tibbie time. 2015.

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Hopefully, snow free rain free and blue skies
dustin666 @ 29/10/2014 20:32  

May well nip down on the Saturday but I won't be staying over as I have commitments on the Sunday.
MrMike @ 02/11/2014 16:01  

More the merrier
dustin666 @ 05/11/2014 13:15  

When did you submit it,Dusty?

XKLYBR @ 05/11/2014 15:48  

@ xk , aha you spotted my deliberate mistake.

you pedantic nit picker .
dustin666 @ 05/11/2014 18:03  

Just added myself to the 'usual suspects' even though everything is going to be played very much by ear next year.
izzyhill @ 13/11/2014 21:45  

Hiya Izzy, either we'll enjoy your company or miss your company. Hoping for the former. X
dustin666 @ 14/11/2014 16:59  

I've booked the Friday off so might be up there Thursday night if anyone else is heading up early.
Steve_H @ 14/11/2014 18:18  

Thanks Dusty, I'm PLANNING on going, even got as far as deciding which tent to take and getting there on Wednesday or Thursday so you should have company Steve.
izzyhill @ 14/11/2014 19:17  

Deep joy. Just gotta get through winter first!
Steve_H @ 14/11/2014 19:53  

Ooh lovely. I'm going early . Booked the week off . So if anyone from a long long long long way a way wants to spend more than a night or two before returning home . They'll have some company.

Be lovely to see everyone after the winter freeze.
dustin666 @ 15/11/2014 16:13  

Bumpity bump.
Looking forward to a Glen cafe breakfast. Nom nom nom
dustin666 @ 06/01/2015 20:11  

First do of the year, bring it on.
Steve_H @ 13/01/2015 09:01  

Just had colleague book two week holiday to Bali, second week being Tibbie week
since we cover for each other I might have a bit of wrangling to do to also get time off

I'd wanted that whole week off, the start of the week to Loch Tay then down to Tibbie; boo-hoo have to be super-efficient at work now.
izzyhill @ 22/01/2015 13:15  

Reluctantly taken my fizog off the event. Hope I might still make a ride, if not a couple of nights on- site, we'll see.
izzyhill @ 22/01/2015 20:05  

damn shame, Izzy
XKLYBR @ 22/01/2015 20:29  

Oh dear Izzy. Who's gonna take charge of the bbq?
Hope to see you at some point x
dustin666 @ 23/01/2015 21:35  

Thanks guys, I hope I'll manage to pop down at some point.
I'll text to keep in touch with your riding and drinking, err, I mean evening entertainment, plans.

BBQ was never my remit Dusty, entirely your domain.
izzyhill @ 23/01/2015 23:11  

Hi everyone,
I'm a newbie to this site ?? and am opening with needing help ??????

I've just lost my ride for the Tibbie Shiels event for the Fri 13th and Sat 14th of March and have been looking forward to it for a while.

So the thing is I'm looking for a lift there and back if anyone can help please ??
In return I have a twin room booked at the Inn for the both dates and would offer one of the beds in return for a lift/pillion to and from the event at no extra cost if that don't sound too weird ???
I am a genuine guy, just wanting to get to this event for the first time, oh breakfast is also included.
If anyone thinks they could help or might know anyone who could help please get in touch
Geo711 @ 03/02/2015 17:35  

Trying to give as much info as possible, I live 56 miles from Selkirk approx coming from the Glasgow side, and have to know for sure if anyone can help by the end of the month so I can cancel the room if I need to and not encur any charges.

Fingers crossed, and please don't hesitate to contact me for any info you would like ????
Geo711 @ 03/02/2015 17:43  

 Posts: 112       Pages: 2/6

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