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Roadside Recovery

Roadside Recovery - Forums [Biker Match] Roadside Recovery - Forums [Biker Match]
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Roadside Recovery

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Even not calling them out for two years my premium went up including the no call discount. Did get a discount when i complained about waiting from 11:30 pm till 2:30 am for their guy to turn up though.
xj @ 27/10/2014 12:03  

just a quick question do a lot of you guys buy separate roadside recovery instead of telling your insurance company at renewal time that your thinking of getting insurance somewhere else with free roadside assistance you will be surprised when they offer it .... it was the reason I got a bennetts insurance policy :)
lunty74 @ 29/10/2014 06:17  

got mine free with Carol Nash been good for me, but also have a free one with the bank but haven,t used them yet, maybe give them a try next time

Bikeabill @ 05/11/2014 00:00  

What would you say has the best Euro cover as im going over to Europe in the summer and want to make sure im covered to get me back if needed.
bdfl @ 13/01/2015 00:03  

Full UK and Euro recovery is included with my multi-bike cover at Carol Nash
bugsbunny @ 13/01/2015 21:21  

 Posts: 25       Pages: 2/2

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