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Captain America.

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Captain America.

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From Bryan Harley (yes, really) on the "Motorcycle-USA" website. 'It is a motorcycle as storied as the movie it starred in, tales of thievery and biker gangs. Some say all of the originals were either destroyed or stolen. It is one of the most replicated motorcycles around, making it even harder to separate fact from fiction. But thanks to Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper, Jack Nicholson, and a little cult flic called “Easy Rider,” the raked-out Panhead chopper with the sky-scraping sissy bar, leather king and queen saddle and red, white and blue tank known as “Captain America” is one of the most recognizable motorcycles around. Apparently, one of the originals did survive, albeit the one that got crashed and burned at the end of the movie. The story goes that the salvageable pieces were given to Dan Haggerty by Fonda after filming was done. Haggerty, who many remember as actor “Grizzly Adams,” helped keep the “Captain America’s” in running order during the filming of “Easy Rider.” Haggerty reportedly took the remaining parts and reassembled the motorcycle best he could to the specs of the original. This particular motorcycle has since made the rounds. John Parham (J&P Cycles, president of The National Motorcycle Museum in Anamosa, Iowa) bought it in 2002 and displayed it for years at the museum before selling it to Michael Eisenberg, a developer out of LA who also collects memorabilia. Now Eisenberg has decided to put it up for auction. Profiles in History is including the “Captain America” chopper in its Hollywood Auction 65 set for Friday, Oct. 17th to Sunday, Oct. 19th [2014]. Asking price - $1,000,000! The motorcycle reportedly comes with three letters of authenticity, but as we stated, it’s not 100% original because everybody has seen what happened to this particular bike in the closing sequence of the movie. Granted, it might be the closest thing to the real deal, but $1 million is a huge chunk of change for a piece of nostalgia. Of course, collectors have been putting up some crazy money recently for historic motorcycles, so they’ll probably reach their asking price. Crazy to think the heights of commercialism it’s reaching considering its counter-culture, anti-estabishment roots. Sign of the times, I reckon.'

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Deleted Member @ 29/09/2014 18:37  

Sold - for well over a million dollars.

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Deleted Member @ 19/10/2014 13:56  

Yeah, but what happened to the Billy bike?

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dustin666 @ 29/10/2014 21:03  

Found this on the "Classic American Iron" forum. (Not my words/mis-spellings/mispunctuation, so don't kill the messenger.) "Any discussion of the Easy rider bike always includes the Billy bike. As has been stated over and over, the original movie bikes were stolen, and that includes the billy bike. There were duplicate Captain America bikes available, but no Billy bikes. It disappeared, end of story. Replicas have been built, none is the original."

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Deleted Member @ 30/10/2014 01:40  

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