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Technical Motorbike Help

Honda CBR600 FL 1990 - wont start

Honda CBR600 FL 1990 - wont start (1) - Forums [Biker Match] Honda CBR600 FL 1990 - wont start (1) - Forums [Biker Match]
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Honda CBR600 FL 1990 - wont start

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I am no good at electrics and something has gone badly wrong and the policy of replacing parts that I think are knackered is proving costly.

The problem started with the bike cutting out when ever it felt like it. The fuse kept blowing in the ignition circuit. One time when broken down I would drive 3 miles fuse blow replace fuse drive another mile fuse blown.

Replaced fuel pump with after market and wiring was not same as on bike - connected it wrong way round and pump would not prime or make a noise. Even after correcting it the same happened. Then i replaced starter relay. Still nothing. So where do I go now - you can turn key and ignition light comes . When you push starter button, light does not dim. No blown fuses. So run out of ideas now. I cant read one of the meters that test circuits so no point in getting one.

I have only basic knowledge of bikes. Any advice would be helpful and appreciated.

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Bobbybiscuit @ 28/09/2014 22:09  

Just wanted to add that when starter button is depressed, the ignition light does not dim, starter motor show no sign of being activated.

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Bobbybiscuit @ 28/09/2014 22:18  

Put a screw drive across the 2 big terminals on the starter relay if it turns over the starter button or wiring that side at fault. if still nothing check starter lead is tight and starter bolts to engine are not loose

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JP @ 29/09/2014 23:46  

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