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rich text

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rich text

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Hi how do I enable rich text because I cant post with out enable

all help would be helpful thanks x

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kaycat @ 20/09/2014 22:23  

Hi KC not totally 100% but in top bar there a page image that looks torn click on that and it corrects it but that's on PCs I think

I keep getting message saying summit of the sort on my I pad like.

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Deleted Member @ 20/09/2014 22:43  

Good question Kay. I'm using my mobile to access the site and a message pops up telling me I don't have rich text enabled. I'd appreciate some help with this too. Cheers.

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Sandi @ 21/09/2014 07:51  

Refreshing this thread, hoping for a solution :-)

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Sandi @ 23/09/2014 14:09  

Hi,all browsers implement rich text editors differently it would seem, some even disable it. A better question might be what browsers is the site compatible with.
I use fire fox on an android tablet and get these messages,I also use a Linux desktop PC with iceweasel, same issue, its a pain but I just ignore it.

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thehairyone @ 25/09/2014 00:24  

Thanks for the reply THO, Nellie also says that mobile phones don't have that facility and that I'll just keep getting the pop up notice and will have to keep ignoring it. Oh well, mystery solved.

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Sandi @ 25/09/2014 00:47  

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