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Old Gits Ahoy.

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Old Gits Ahoy.

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I was pleasantly surprised to discover that that infamous micro trad rally, The "Pi**ed as a Parrot" (Parrot Rally Club), is on again this year. Given the domestic illnesses in the organiser's household, I wouldn't have blamed him if the 2013 rally - the twenty-fifth - had been the last, but he's pressing on. A really brave decision. Usual format - site near Buxton, terrible November weather laid on, 80 limit (which may also be the average age of the rallyists). A traditional rally and a throwback to the old days; so much so that one correspondent wrote about the 2012 event as though it was staged 35 years previously. http:...htm Anyone who hasn't received their invite yet should contact the organiser. If you don't know how to contact him, then you're unlikely to get an invite.
Deleted Member @ 14/09/2014 14:11  

And of'll get yours won't you....old git.......
Pennycoin @ 14/09/2014 15:41  

Correct on both counts, BF. The Parrot Rally is unofficially for hard-bitten veterans; not exclusively, but anyone there who’s attended less than 100 rallies is seen as a bit “girl’s blouse”. (I’ve done just over 400, but there are quite a few who’ve done more than that at the Parrot.) The “Ides of March” (Salford Centurions MCC) is a similar rally. Guess on which month that one takes place. There’s a limit of 120, and conditions can be darn awful - I tend to take a spare tent these days. Coincidentally, the Parrot’s 25th anniversary was followed by the Ides of March‘s 50th. Both rallies are hosted by clubs from the west of Greater Manchester, but it’s been a long time since either held their events on home territory. (The Parrot has favoured North Derbyshire, while the Ides frequents West Yorkshire.) The Ides of March is recorded as the longest continuously-run two-day motorcycle rally in the UK (surpassing even the Dragon, which was originally a one-day event and has been cancelled on at least one occasion because of a Foot-and-Mouth outbreak).
Deleted Member @ 15/09/2014 20:11  

There is a slight dark side to these “Old Gits Rallies" in that they enable us, albeit sadly, to discover who is “no longer with us”. The irony is that the deceased persons have rarely succumbed to motorcycle or road accidents. My wife, who accompanied me to many rallies, certainly didn’t. And neither did Charlie Cobbe, a beer-bellied and popular character from Cambridgeshire who barrelled around the country on a venerable Moto Guzzi to apparently random destinations. Some veteran bikers on the BM site might remember Charlie ; one would like to think so.
Deleted Member @ 15/09/2014 21:20 This page shows the current "Ides of March" site, as seen at the 2012 rally. Note my psychedelic purple & white tent.
Deleted Member @ 15/09/2014 21:49  

Met up a few times with "the Parrot" many years ago, good to see they are still going.
SlowGoose @ 15/09/2014 22:00 "P*ssed as a Parrot", 2009. Trad rallies are bum-basic; a real-ale pub, a field and an outside bog. A real winter challenge for real motorcyclists.!/
Deleted Member @ 15/09/2014 22:00  

I received my ticket (number 32) to the "P**sed as a Parrot" Rally this week, and, wouldn't you know it, I can't get Friday 7/11/2014 off work. This leaves me with two choices - either putting my tent up in the dark, or attending on Saturday 8th only. I'll have to select one or t'other of these options, though, such is the prestige attached to being invited to the event. Oh, the joys of winter rallying. Any other BM-ers going? .
Deleted Member @ 04/11/2014 20:42  

not me, but just pull a sickie on the Friday and enjoy the rally
MrMike @ 04/11/2014 21:13  

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