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Paddock stands

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Paddock stands

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I need advice please? I want to buy paddock stands for my bike, but looking at how many varieties there are, I'm unsure what I need? I don'twant to buy the wrong ones, so which ones do I need please?

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TAB007 @ 04/09/2014 13:34  

If you want ease of use go for the one's that use bobbins that fit to your swing arm and have a hook attachment! the ones that lift under the swing arm can be a right pain to get in and out!!

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zedhead1100.1 @ 04/09/2014 21:45  

Thank you x

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TAB007 @ 04/09/2014 22:29  

Tab do you know anyone with them ? then you can try to use before you buy

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JP @ 05/09/2014 17:59  

Quite like the stability of the ABBA one myself.

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lionfish @ 05/09/2014 18:56  

Got a decent one from Aldi/Lidl but only fits a box section swingarm

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SlowGoose @ 06/09/2014 02:28  

Oxford stands come with both the bobbin hooks and the flat plate type swingarm holders. been using them for years and they've never let me down

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SPESH @ 07/09/2014 16:17  

So many different ones, and also some guys say don't get one? Confused dot com!

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TAB007 @ 09/09/2014 23:11  

Tab, go to your prefered bike shop and ask if they could show you both types, then ask for their advice. Spesh has pretty much the right idea I think, the type that is adaptable to bobbins or plates.
End of the day, it is your pennies so get as much practical advice as you can.

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double six @ 09/09/2014 23:35  

Hi Tab, a lot if bikes without main stands , my own included, can be fitted with aftermarket main stands. I think mine was about 85 quid.

A bit more useful than a paddock stand .

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dustin666 @ 10/09/2014 08:44  

Thanks 666, my exhaust is in the way for a centre stand, or so I've been told. Once I get on it, I will ride it to a bike shop for advice.

Thanks all for your advice x

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TAB007 @ 14/09/2014 22:27  

Hi Tab, dunno if you got sorted with paddock stand? I aint tried one but i do like the look of this one and will be looking for one at Stafford in a couple of weeks time.

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Deleted Member @ 07/10/2014 15:03  

I was told by a mate yesterday if you fit bobins on your bike put bike on side stand as normal then put small car jack under the bobbin on the other side at the rear and lift bike up you only need 5mm under the wheel to do jobs like clean and lube chain or cleaning the wheel. I would not advise removing the wheel like this but for the small jobs simple

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JP @ 19/10/2014 21:46  

It doesn't work JP if the bobbins are made from cake.

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double six @ 22/10/2014 00:26  

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