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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

Dent - camping weekend

Dent - camping weekend - Forums [Biker Match] Dent - camping weekend - Forums [Biker Match]
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Dent - camping weekend

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Do we want another Dent?
5/6/7th September perchance?
Steve_H @ 15/06/2014 17:35  

possibly..cos i didnt go last time:)

dizzydot @ 15/06/2014 17:39  

I cud b persuaded...
XKLYBR @ 15/06/2014 19:54  

cud dp this
but its a long way off sy the mo
havfun @ 15/06/2014 22:02  

Dent is one of the best venues on then planet for a bike wknd.

Lovely clean campsite on the edge of a much pubbed village in perfect biking country.

Do we want another Dent?

Only as long as bears sh-t in the woods.
dustin666 @ 18/06/2014 10:03  

Dent is great, my son and i go twice a year to the Cossackownersclub rally there, fantastic, Jez.
Dnepr rider @ 30/06/2014 02:38  

Dent now on the event page.
Whose coming?
Steve_H @ 09/07/2014 20:29  

And that's a yes from me.
XKLYBR @ 10/07/2014 12:07  

just realised thats my sons birthday weekend....
dizzydot @ 11/07/2014 00:38  

Well bring him and a few of his mates along.
Or leave him at home to have a party:-)
I'm sure he would appreciate it either way ;)
Steve_H @ 12/07/2014 19:18  

Yeah, another Dent , even if you hate bikes, roads, scenery, tents, pubs and Cumbria. The High Lanning pies are world class. Mmmm chicken pie.
dustin666 @ 06/08/2014 21:27  

And of course the "Evil, Evil Bowel Basher Ale".
Steve_H @ 08/08/2014 07:58  

Yes, diarrhoea in a glass, yuck. I'll stick to lager.
dustin666 @ 13/08/2014 22:24  

Where is dent?
allison_2011 @ 14/08/2014 09:36  

Nr Sedburgh in the Yorkshire Dales
XKLYBR @ 14/08/2014 12:11  

Dusty - u r an uncouth philistine who should be stoned to death!
XKLYBR @ 14/08/2014 12:16  

Ah ok - thank you XK
allison_2011 @ 14/08/2014 12:54  

Yer right XK , I'm just a lager drinking pouf.Not man enough to drink that awful Hairy Chested real ale.

Pass me a babycham xx

dustin666 @ 15/08/2014 21:22  

By the way XK, Dent is in the Cumbrian Dales. Similar to the Yorkshire dales , but better lol

dustin666 @ 15/08/2014 21:34  

A couple of mi mates have expressed an interest in this event. Nice guys, lifelong bikers, total pissheads and good amusing craic.
dustin666 @ 17/08/2014 00:14  

 Posts: 48       Pages: 1/3

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