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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

september 27th Roadhouse Stirchley

september 27th Roadhouse Stirchley - Forums [Biker Match] september 27th Roadhouse Stirchley - Forums [Biker Match]
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september 27th Roadhouse Stirchley

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Thanks mate
VFR800AJ @ 24/09/2014 22:19  

So what times everyone getting there? planning on walking up from work as its only down the road. ;-) And I don't wanna be billy no mates again lol
SPESH @ 25/09/2014 08:41  

About 8-8,30 see you there Al
JP @ 25/09/2014 08:46  

Probably 830 - 900 as coming from work also (warwick) and got to pick up her ladyship too
VFR800AJ @ 25/09/2014 17:22  

really looking forward to this one and Catching up with you all. Seems ages ago since We had a get together lol

Come on folk get ya Sen down, it's sure to be a good night out
GUINNESS RIDER @ 25/09/2014 18:06  

shelleygirl @ 27/09/2014 13:55  

C'ya later
VFR800AJ @ 27/09/2014 14:43  

See u later :-)
Brummie Jackie @ 27/09/2014 17:52  

Thanks all for coming. Deaf as a post this morning, hope it wears off during the day.
VFR800AJ @ 28/09/2014 06:23  

Sorry I left early AJ but was feeling crap so went home to my bed. Still enjoyed the night will see you both again soon
JP @ 28/09/2014 16:58  

It was a good night, sorry I left early as well :-)
SPESH @ 28/09/2014 20:09  

Good night good chat, great to see Graham there and that drummer had amazing facial movements lol
Brummie Jackie @ 29/09/2014 11:21  

You had a pretty good groove going on too BJ
VFR800AJ @ 29/09/2014 12:36  

 Posts: 53       Pages: 3/3

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