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your fetish

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your fetish

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did I hear chocolate being mentioned in here on the quiet or what lol

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Deleted Member @ 19/08/2014 14:47  

would work and be glady paid in chocolate coins I would

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Deleted Member @ 19/08/2014 14:48  

Ooh Dixi, lol

Yes chocolate was mentioned, and pictured by our cheeky Valencia !

But as you know, it has to be the right chocolate, not any chocolate will do ;)

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Deleted Member @ 19/08/2014 19:00  

Are you stating Penny, that with the right choclate, you would available for confectionary activities of the like?

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double six @ 19/08/2014 19:13  

Oh hahaha 66, I could tell you a cruel story...but it is cruel and it doesn't become me, as my mother would say! Lol

But, to answer you're it would be 'rude' not

Nothing is impossible in the right circumstance ........ That's all I'm saying on the

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Deleted Member @ 20/08/2014 17:49  

ooooh penny sounds nawty nawty nawty, and if momma wouldn't like it it must be nawty, I agree not just any chocolate will do there is some nasty cheapo stuff out there so needs to be of cadburys standard and higher , I wanna go visit willy wonka

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Deleted Member @ 21/08/2014 10:06  

Dixi, I didn't know Wily had a surname.......omg

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Deleted Member @ 21/08/2014 16:25  

Oh, VERY good reply, Pen. Can't fault it.

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Deleted Member @ 21/08/2014 20:42  

Well Valencia, after you telling me off in biker part I missed you first posting of white satin, I thought I better watch what I say......but thank you......bowing

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Deleted Member @ 23/08/2014 17:21  

Ok, as you all seem to want to come clean re fetishes, I thought it about time I let everyone know mine. I have let it slip in chat when I first joined BM, but as most of that crew have moved on I dare say it has vanished into the mists of time.
From as early as I can remember, seeing the old movies with Margaret Rutherford and George Cole, I have always had a soft (?) spot for St Trinians girls.
Even now as a man in my ahem 50's, a short school uniform with stockings worn by a mature lady always gets the blood racing.
So, to any ladies attending any events I am, fancy dress as a St Trinian could well mean you have a drooling idiot followingvyou around all night with my tongue dragging on the floor.


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double six @ 23/08/2014 18:59  

Lol 66, there's a name for men like you! ;)

Sorry but I've already sorted my outfit out for 29th Nov, and no I don't do that sort of dressing up in public...strictly for the bedroom and whoever I am sharing the night with......but he'd have to be special to get that kind of treatment :D

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Deleted Member @ 23/08/2014 22:57  

Pervert, yes I know Penny, but there is nothing wrong with a mature woman dressing up to tease, as long as boundaries are clearly defined.

   Update Reply
double six @ 24/08/2014 01:06  

Oh I know all the rules 66 - hahhaaaa

And pervert wasn't the word I was thinking ........

Today's fetish.......I'll be painting my kitchen with not a lot on!
Wink wink ;)

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Deleted Member @ 24/08/2014 10:15  

Pen, it's a practical idea unless an unexpected visitor arrives. On the other hand, it may be a practical idea if an expected visitor arrives. Each to their own; Who am I to comment?

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Deleted Member @ 25/08/2014 10:55  

Ooh I likes dressing up. ....and long black gloves with bling jewellery always sets the scene. .


   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 25/08/2014 15:31  

Ahem in deed badtothebone...

Well the paintings all done, paint in places I didn't know existed ;)
And no unexpected visitors, thank god!

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 26/08/2014 21:30  

I've still had no replies at all to my request for extremely ticklish women who happen to like bondage... perhaps I phrased it wrongly.

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 27/08/2014 21:59  

didnt visit ya penny as phone was deadwhen ya was up ladder ;)

   Update Reply
bikerfzr @ 28/08/2014 21:04  

Probably good job, you may have come through door FZR and knocked me off my ladder, Kitchen floor would have looked more like a murder scheme rather than a body painting! :D

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 30/08/2014 10:15  

Val, yes I think you phased it wrong, I can't help.....only my feet are ticklish, and I'm not commenting on bondage.......oh I might have ticklish ribs too?, can't remember as it's been a long time since I've been pinned to the floor!

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 30/08/2014 10:18  

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