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angus young ac/dc

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angus young ac/dc

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well today for me was a very sad day.i learnt about angus youngs illness.after 40yrs of giving us some of the most amazing music and entertaining us in a really fantastic way he has had to take a break due to his illness.he had a stroke and is seriously sending him all my heartfelt thoughts and best wishes for a really speedy recovery so we can listen to his sounds once again

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zzrbabe42 @ 16/04/2014 19:37  

It's Malcolm Young that's ill Zzr, he's had a stroke but they are saying they will still be making music once he's better.

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Cally. @ 16/04/2014 21:48  

oops i thought i read it was angus must have miss read it but its sooo sad as hes unable to recognize people he knows and so on.i do hope he makes a full recovery

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zzrbabe42 @ 17/04/2014 05:45  

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