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Motorcycle News

A494 North Wales - watch yourself guys, just in time for the bank holiday!!

A494 North Wales - watch yourself guys, just in time for the bank holiday!! - Forums [Biker Match] A494 North Wales - watch yourself guys, just in time for the bank holiday!! - Forums [Biker Match]
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A494 North Wales - watch yourself guys, just in time for the bank holiday!!

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BlueYam @ 15/04/2014 15:59  

Thanks for the heads up

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Imola72 @ 15/04/2014 19:30  

bunch of fookers - they are just spoiling things and that is a really nice road too, I did hear they are getting a bit hot in Wales again, time to give it a wide berth?

   Update Reply
BlueYam @ 15/04/2014 21:11  

That road is a great to ride. Done it many times going to barmouth. It is a couple of miles away from my place. I have all the best rides on my doorstep.

Dont go out at weekends and in the evening. Go during the day. Roads are quieter.

Dont give it a wide berth come and enjoy the roads.

   Update Reply
thediver37 @ 16/04/2014 00:08  

Thanks @BY , one of my favorite roads. happens every Easter Bank Holiday as I'm sure every county in the UK will be running similar campaigns on biking routes, bank Hols tend to be frustrating and chock full of day trippers and lemons with caravans struggling and cutting bends anyways so getting any mojo on is a defunct issue

   Update Reply
ExupRichR1 @ 16/04/2014 00:39  

Did I not tell you tho Rich....? See I was right you know as I head they are starting to clamp down on bikers, just as well I don't ride like a loon

   Update Reply
BlueYam @ 16/04/2014 08:50  

Its the same, they started in South Yorkshire 2 weeks ago, I was out in Lincolnshire last weekend, unmarked cars and bikes, camera vans... and to cap it all, they drove through the parked bikes at Willingham Woods with an ANPR car logging everything, then strolled back checking plates and cans, but they are not alienating the biking community, been pulled twice in the last two weeks because I ride a big bike, and they want to "chat" about riding and road safety! I just want to ride in peace....rant over!

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 16/04/2014 12:14  

fookin assholes!!! Its most of the fooking car drivers that need educating - when have you last seen a biker on his mobile phone whilst driving or scoffing a sandwich?

   Update Reply
BlueYam @ 16/04/2014 12:34  

To be fair they are having a speeding clamp down right across the UK cars bikes trucks vans the lot so let's spoil there fun and keep to the speed limit just to piss them off lol

   Update Reply
JP @ 16/04/2014 20:15  

Yes BY you did , it was bound to happen after a good summer last year, meaning more bikes visited the area and therefore more accidents occurred, suppose they have to be 'seen' to be doing something, there will be a limit on what they can do and sustain a campaign with the North Wales Traffic Division man(women) power being slashed by 13% over the last couple of years and coping with the visiting mass's of cagers
None of us are saints but being a minority we will always be the easy target as educating the mass's in there cars is beyond them

   Update Reply
ExupRichR1 @ 16/04/2014 20:39  

the police are the guys who have to pick the body parts up and inform the wife and kids that daddy is dead. Yes it's a nuisance to get stopped for a chat but if they make their prescence known they may save someone's life...worth it?
And if your bike is legal you have nothing to worry about. I ain't no angel but if i get caught i get caught and take it on the chin.
At the end of the day they have a job to do and they do it, reasonably i think. I know i have got away with stuff i shouldn't and have been told it's not the speed that matters it's inapropriate speed that gets you points.

   Update Reply
xj @ 17/04/2014 09:15  

well said XJ im still on more and I get a microwave,,,,,,,,,,,,,

   Update Reply
stutts @ 17/04/2014 17:43  

I agree with XJ, picking up the bits isn't a pleasant job. Just keep it cool and pick the right places if you fancy a bit of sillyness.
Plenty of empty roads up here :-)
But that's not an invite to come and spoil it for us!

   Update Reply
Steve_H @ 17/04/2014 18:17  

I like to ride 'with gusto' sometimes, but at others just bimble along enjoying the scenery. There's a time and a place for each, but we still need to maintain concentration at all times!
A good thing to consider is "What if there's something coming the other way doing the same as me?"

   Update Reply
Richard T @ 17/04/2014 21:30  

The people that cause the problem never listen.

They were told for years to slow down on the cat & fiddle and chose to ignore it. So the authorities did it for them.
Don't blame the powers that be. Blame the ones who cause the issues.

   Update Reply
bluesbiker @ 17/04/2014 22:21  

I totally agree with bluesbiker and xj and the welsh police do say please and thank you with a smile not like some county's

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 18/04/2014 03:41  

There are always those who have scant regard for other road users

Whether it's on 2 wheels or 4

As is always the case with such antisocial & inconsiderate behaviour

The minority will inevitably attract negative media attention

Which reflects badly on the majority of well behaved and considerate riders/drivers

I freely admit that I'm no "saint"

But as others have said

It's down to riding appropriately in the conditions/locations

   Update Reply
Emzed @ 18/04/2014 05:19  

you all want the police when your bike gets nicked

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 18/04/2014 19:35  

trouble is Bill , they are not interested

   Update Reply
ExupRichR1 @ 19/04/2014 15:03  

I've had a bike and a Landrover nicked and the police do NOT give a shit. I had my lock up burgled and strimmers ,chainsaws and a MIG nicked. Again the police do not give a shit And yet a quiet Sunday evening ride out on the Bonnie over the traffic free Cat costs me £100 and three points. I'm not bitterI could understand it had I been on the Daytona, cutting the corners and acting like a twat but I was cruising on the Bonnie The problem is too many inconsiderate car drivers on the road who are just not focused on their driving (and some bikers who ride like twats and think it's cool) Daytona for sale.... I'm too old

   Update Reply
Julestools @ 20/04/2014 08:18  

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