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just wondering if anyone is camping for the full weekend at the thundersprint

   Update Reply
Jaffa @ 07/04/2014 13:12  

Ray and myself should be camping

   Update Reply
shelleygirl @ 07/04/2014 17:57  

Have done this a few times now. Great day out but think that they need to change the format a,little to keep the interest.

   Update Reply
bandit lover @ 07/04/2014 18:25  

nice one shelley will book weekend off and get tickets now if poss

   Update Reply
Jaffa @ 07/04/2014 19:21  

hols booked and tickets ordered

   Update Reply
Jaffa @ 08/04/2014 21:01  

I used to go every year when it was in the car park in Northwich. (well I could walk there) Tempted to camp there this time if I can get the van sorted in time..... If not it'll be a daytrip Too much work to do at the moment though

   Update Reply
Julestools @ 27/04/2014 07:01  

Probably just the one day for me Sunday the 11th, been many times when it was at Northwich.

   Update Reply
Imola72 @ 27/04/2014 08:07  

A day trip for me, probably be the Saturday!!!!

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 27/04/2014 10:46  

i am going for the weekend looks like a blast, good line up too

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 29/04/2014 05:35  

Cruiser Gal will be manning the stall for NABD folks so mind you go annoy her :)

   Update Reply
Brummie Jackie @ 30/04/2014 22:33  

always Jackie its compulsory weekend of beer good company and ice cream mint choc chip and I might even buy them

   Update Reply
Jaffa @ 30/04/2014 23:33  

jules come and join us for the weekend its mandatory

   Update Reply
Jaffa @ 30/04/2014 23:34  

Well if the weather's like it is today on Sunday I'll be at home watching SBK Imola

   Update Reply
Imola72 @ 07/05/2014 19:13  

Day trip on the sunday for us i'm afraid but will look out for u Jaffa :)

   Update Reply
newbikerchick @ 08/05/2014 22:38  

cant miss me kid see you sunday

   Update Reply
Jaffa @ 08/05/2014 23:33  

We'll be there on Sunday.... Will look out for you Jaffa ..and everyone else

   Update Reply
Karey @ 10/05/2014 10:11  

Well back home now.. had a great day.. but it rained......and rained...and the sun came out....and it rained again

But still had a great day!

Big thanks to Geoff for taking me and good to see Big Ray and little Josh, Sue (cruiser girl), John (Jaffa), Olly (newbikerchick) and her man (sorry forgot his name!! )

And not forgetting ...the gorgeous Scott Redding!!

I've put a couple of photos on.. including one of Rossi's old race bikes that had been in a lock-up forgotten about for 7 years.

Hope you've all dried out.. I have... just! lol

   Update Reply
Karey @ 11/05/2014 19:00  

Was good to see you too hun and Ray .Shame we had all that rain was dry when Martin (Firetrap) and I got back home to conway Soz missed ya Jaffa lets hope we get nice dry sunny weather for Kiss See ya all soon

   Update Reply
newbikerchick @ 11/05/2014 21:33  

That's it! Firetrap! dohhh sorry for forgetting his name

Yeh it was dry by the time we went through Belper and when I got home to Barnsley the sun was cracking the flags! Typical! lol

   Update Reply
Karey @ 11/05/2014 21:37  

well finally did thundersprint racing great weekend camping atrocious tent robbed Friday night fortunately they got away with nought. others not so lucky.
no security at night no police at night.
worst part of camping no indoor bars and nowhere to sit inside with beer, thanks to cruisergal and her mate alan would have hed totally shite weekend the organiser couldn't ru a p??? up in a brewery will not be going again
great to meet up with driends on sunday sorry I missed Ollie and firetrap but did see ray and karey alsomey fi good venue but no provision made for bad weather

   Update Reply
Jaffa @ 14/05/2014 00:38  

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