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music download sites

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music download sites

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first off please take into consideration that I am technically dumb :) I have uploaded my ipod software on to my laptop - only had it a year so not doing bad :) Now I want to download some music so obviously need a site to do this. My son gave me one which was icky and I have now deleted that - his taste in music and mine differ lots. Does anyone have a site they can recommend that is easy to use and of course free. I will be wanting to download proper music like lynyrd skynyrd and the like. ta

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TAT2DVEGAN @ 21/09/2007 12:11  

LIMEWIRE a good one and its free

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RC @ 21/09/2007 13:06  

Try mininova. You will first need to down load and install this Click on the Get uTorrent 1.7.5 link

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Aggy @ 21/09/2007 14:48  

i use bearshare, found it great. xx lula xx

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lula @ 21/09/2007 17:14  


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rattler @ 21/09/2007 19:15  

btjunkie works for music,films,software etc.

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actionman @ 21/09/2007 19:45  

I downloaded limewire and did a search for a song. A big list of them came up but everytime I hit download nothing happens !!!! Told you I was technically dumb

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TAT2DVEGAN @ 22/09/2007 04:23  

If not Limewire, there is Ares or Ares lite. You can do vids and films there too. Downloading from Limewire and Ares Lite are similar and they may take some time as you download from someone else who is online and has the track you want. The more who have it and are online, the quicker it downloads. If you get the message searching for sources, it means that there is nobody online with that track at that time. Just try again. Be warned to check stuff though in case you download from someone with a nasty habit of putting in virus's. Other than that you will end up paying. You could just borrow, buy, steal a cd and download it to your computer. Some chat sites have a "stream" where a person has a radio station sort of thing and you can listen in and ask for them to play requests. As there are only a few chatting at anyone time you dont have to wait until thousands of requests have gone through before listening to your track. You can even leave the chat site and tour the net, but still listen to the station via Real Player. (Available on a free download) This has the advantage of not risking getting a virus as all you are doing is listening to someone elses music live on air.

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rubecula @ 22/09/2007 07:37  

limewire and bearshare are FULL of viruses, spyware and other malicious crap. They get away with it because people have to allow the applications to connect to the internet through firewalls etc - therefore theyre a prime target for virus makers. Here's one that is safe though, and uses the same networks as the others (Gnutella networks)...

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Matt @ 22/09/2007 10:07  

I have managed to wipe all my tracks from my ipod without even trying - clever huh I have gone off the idea of music now because my very short attention span has wandered off elsewhere and every site I have tried has never worked !

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TAT2DVEGAN @ 22/09/2007 10:45  

sod ipods anyhow - theyre rubbish. Get a real MP3 player that you can put anything on. I will never even buy a device which insists that you install the manufacturers software. Why should you HAVE TO use Apple's crap software? You should just get a drive in my computer that you can drag and drop MP3s into.

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Matt @ 22/09/2007 11:45  

I'm sure I would mess those up too... I'm better with a radio lol

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TAT2DVEGAN @ 22/09/2007 11:59  

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