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vn or dragstar

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vn or dragstar

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Seriously thinking of getting a second bike.

something with more comfort for long ride outs.

only want a second hand one and have been looking at the vn 800's, or the Yamaha dragstars.

any info on these bikes would be appreciated.

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sladey @ 28/03/2014 21:50  

I have a lovely VN750 for sale sladey. If you want any details drop me a pm.

There is a picture of it on my profile photo's

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Cruiser gal @ 30/03/2014 21:24  

Hi sladey, I had a V reg 650 dragstar and was reasonably happy with it but found it underpowered. 2up at 70mph on the motorway I found that I had nothing left so overtaking proved almost impossible if not scary. The other thing I didn't like was the "chrome" on top of plastic as it tended to crack and peel off. On the plus side it was comfortable, reliable and handled well.

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Scorpio54 @ 10/04/2014 23:48  

Have a VN 800,see pic's on profile,it goe's and stops,and rides well,its still a soft tail by the way. Lots of pull,and never let me or previous owner down. granted its been change a bit from it original form.

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rockandrob @ 09/07/2014 07:24  

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