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Motorcycle News

London bikers: keep out of bike boxes or ridk fines and points

London bikers: keep out of bike boxes or ridk fines and points - Forums [Biker Match] London bikers: keep out of bike boxes or ridk fines and points - Forums [Biker Match]
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London bikers: keep out of bike boxes or ridk fines and points

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Motorcyclists riding into the centre of London should avoid pulling into the adavanced stop lines, aka bike boxes, at traffic lights With the current increased police presence following a number of cyclists being killed in traffic accidents, the rules regarding the use of these boxes (for cyclists only) are being enforced more rigorously. Community support officers have been approaching bikers and pointing out the offence carries a £100 fine and 3 points penalty.

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rowanblossom @ 20/02/2014 20:29  

ha wonder if it applies to old moped wiv pedals!! just kill the engine and cycle away when the plod approach!

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rossoandy21 @ 26/02/2014 19:25  

That`s odd-according to my tax disc, it say`s I ride a bicycle!!

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Wraith750 @ 19/04/2014 10:22  

Wraith 750 beat me to it.
I'm looking forward to an earnest discussion with someone in uniform on this subject. Motorcyclists are also vulnerable road users, the cabability to filter into advanced stop boxes then accellerate rapidly away from them leaves us much less vulnerable to being squished by other traffic in a queue. As said above, my tax disc from Swansea also describes my vehicle as a "Bicycle". They can't have it both ways?

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Richard T @ 19/04/2014 17:45  

Yep coming from a legal background I would say the same and can't have it both ways. The roads in Edinburgh also says no entry apart from Bus, Taxi and Cycle..... so when I'm working and have reason to be there i ride through these areas...down side is I know most of the cops lol

Council also marks the bays as M/C so motor cycle although before you get into a conversation maybe worth checking how the law is stated. If it clearly states it specifically then your onto a hiding from nowhere

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madscots @ 23/04/2014 00:11  

Highway Code. (Point 178 states: "Motorists, including motorcyclists, MUST stop at the first white line reached if the lights are amber or red".)

So if the lights turn to red while your in the box and stopped that is not an offence. If you filter up and into the box and stop then your committing an offence.

driving into a bike zone when the lights are red is an offence. It carries a £60 penalty and three points on your driving licence (maximum £1,000 fine if it goes to court).

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madscots @ 23/04/2014 00:30  

Quite right MS, but a typical case of "the law being an ass"?
Where I live:
a) Cylists ride on the pavement and ignore red lights, so the advanced stop lines are never used by them.
b) If they were used as intended the cyclists would be putting themselves at risk by frustrating the progress of larger faster vehicles for a considerable distance after the lights change.

If on the other hand the law were changed such that the advanced boxes could be used by powered 2-wheelers, we could filter up to the front then accelerate away quicker into empty roads considerably reducing the risk of being sandwiched in a slow moving queue?

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Richard T @ 24/04/2014 21:29  

But that's way too sensible stop it

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madscots @ 24/04/2014 23:16  

Can someone let Dave know

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Littlefecker @ 20/05/2014 21:04  

I'm riding into London every day at the moment and would observe that a significant minority if cyclists ride riskily, or irresponsibly. If they had to display number plates, they might start adhering to the same rules of the road as the rest of us.

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KentishMan @ 05/08/2014 22:40  

my god the world has finally gone mad what is a bike its something with 2 wheels and a seat engine or no engine omg 100 quid and 3 points is a right p take shocking once again I wonder are mag gonna have a shout about this they need to really

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Deleted Member @ 11/08/2014 15:25  

This pretty dire

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Deleted Member @ 24/03/2018 14:37  

Bus Lanes -You need to take care with these, Euston road south you can use them, but turn right at the station & you can't. Make sure you read the blue square sinage..

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Deleted Member @ 25/03/2018 22:41  

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